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  1. here: http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/servicePolicy.do?method=toApplyUnlock regards
  2. just go to SETTINGS - APLICATIONS- and CLIK GMAIL erase data. It´s a possible solution. regards,
  3. I dont have idea what is wrong but I give u another link http://db.tt/98I8ANeI Allbackup for CM10.1 (JellyBean) Just install from CWM no need wipe cache
  4. Here u have Allbackup for 10.1: https://mega.co.nz/#...oNoHOihaH3pfnAA Just u have to install from CWM Regards,
  5. Sorry I dont post that link but I apologaize really im sorry... :(
  6. Yes update by Dazzozo but he dont give the link I think because wifi tethering is not working yet but I found by a miracle.
  7. Just click wait or update to the new update like me since that i dont have that issue.
  8. Dazzozo I only mention it for those who say they can not donate ... I apologize and thank you very much for your developments for the G300. As I say I do not mind being on the list of donors and the important thing is to provide support to developers like you to users like me have a better experience on our G300 Android. So again THANKS
  9. I made a donation and I´m not in the list. :blink: and I don´t needed :excl:
  10. I made a donation and I´m not in the list. :excl:
  11. This is not in development at a dead end. Alredy exist a update but it is not published. I do not know the reason but I use. This ROM have corrections but the wifi tethering still not working I found this rom surfing and searching on internet is from great DAZZOZO and is mutiband and was created 12032013, so I think DAZOZO is still working in this peculiar phone. Sorry for my english is not perfect and is not my native language. And maybe you can see this post
  12. HI I just want know if the this experimental ROM for Huawei Ascend have a problem with the Hotspot or not. THANKS!
  13. Hi, I just want to say THANK YOU

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