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  1. Yesterday I wasn't able to see some apps in play store, no way to download, today all works fine... Thank you
  2. I come from CM11, this is the best rom I ever tried... :P only a stupid question, I can not install some apps, for example, whatsApp, I have to update Gapp or are included in the Rom? :blush:
  3. Just to thank you, I did not mean to offend you
  4. Thank a lot, i'll try :rolleyes:
  5. Hello, I'm now on CM11 KK, but i want to downgrade to original GB 2.3.6, where I can find the original FW? Thank you
  6. Thank you for feedback, can you tell me where find jan 15 spirit FM version. Many thanks in advance
  7. Sorry but I do not get on well with TWRP, how can I uninstall it? Thanks
  8. Perhaps you have to flash latest CWM

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