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  1. sadly no. had 3 today :( everything else works great
  2. DiegordC

    [DEV][ROM][1.11.] CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2)

    1. most probably problems is with our crap-phone, not the ROM :) 2. reboots are standard problem, everyone is having it 3. I had bsod when I overclocked it and played with performance part:) hope it helped:)
  3. DiegordC

    Apps problem

    yea, it doesn't work on CM10+. I switched to Aurora and it works normally
  4. DiegordC

    Apps problem

    Does anybody here have problem with certain apps on certain ROMs? I have with Viber. First, on any ROM proximity sensor is not working, I must always turn off the screen manualy. It became a habit so I sometimes turn it off on a normal call:) And now, I have a Viber version, there were couple updates after that but on any version after that, I have no sound when I answer a call. Messages can be sent and received. I sent an email to Viber but out phone is not tested so they can't do nothing. Anybody else has the same problems or just my sorry ass?:)
  5. DiegordC

    [DEV][ROM][1.11.] CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2)

    I have some bugs on this ROM:) Using it for 3 weeks now and it is just great. 1. Sometimes, when I turn On or Off WiFi phone just freezes and I have to remove the battery. Sometimes just freezes for 10 seconds and after that everything is OK. 2. I can't adjust hardware buttons. Making them to do nothing is possible, but making "search" do anything else doesn't work. 3. Last couple days I noticed that it disconnects from my home WiFi and then it doesn't recognize any WIFi network. Then I have to press refresh or turn off then on WiFi. First two problems were on every CM10 release and I did every wipe and format needed.
  6. DiegordC

    ZTE Blade 3 browser crash

    it's a custom ROM, Cyanogen Mod 10. it's here on this forum. http://www.modaco.com/topic/360987-devrom173-cyanogenmod-101-android-422/ but if you are a real noob and do not know what is a root or custom ROM etc., you must do a little investigation on Bing:) there are good guides on this forum for everything. from root and cwm to ROM flashing. http://www.modaco.com/topic/360389-recovery-clockworkmod-6027-for-zte-blade-iii/ http://www.modaco.com/topic/361185-guide-how-to-install-custom-roms-from-scratch-root-more/ other custom ROMs based on ICS are much better than stock and browser problems are almost gone. sorry if i'm treating you like you do not know anything, but just trying to help:) and I have met only one person in my life who is not a noob on android:)
  7. DiegordC

    ZTE Blade 3 browser crash

    opening desktop sites is a problem for a crappy phones like ours:) on stock ROM I lost connection every time when trying to open desktop sites. Phone arena was opened only with Opera Mini. only browser that was least bad is Boat MINI. Now on CM10 I have no problem opening any page even with stock browser hope it helps:)
  8. DiegordC

    Random reboots

    I had the same problem. Every ROM that I tried was the same. And when I returned to stock ROM, same thing happend. When I first returned to stock, everything was ok. But, after CM10, stock is a piece of crap:) So I RESTORED back CM10, reboots started. I went back to the stock and reboots happend even then. Then I wiped everything, flashed CM10 (24.2.) and since I flashed it, more then a week now, not a single reboot happend. "Performance" part was not touched, better be safe than sorry:) Is it kernel thing or hardware thing, I do not know. I don't know how are kernels flashed here since everything is in a ROM. Maybe when we flashed one ROM with bad kernel, that kernel stayed even after we flashed different ROM. I'm not a pro, not a dev, do not take my words seriously:) When I change ROM-s to Xperia Arc, first I need to flash a kernel, then a ROM. Can someone here can explain that better, about kernel flashing?
  9. It's not all day, that would be just crazy:) After I returned to stock, week later I flashed CM10. For 11 days now, I had 1 reboot and that was half an hour ago:) Stock ROM hasn't had any self-reboot, but it's just anoying to not be able to open desktop websites, or open them without lag. On stock ROM Phone Arena was never opened with normal browser (only Opera mini):)
  10. DiegordC

    All BladeIII hardware issues.

    I had problem with self-reboots, every day, sometimes twice a day. Sometimes after it reboots its self, my battery showed 40-60% less. Then I did another reboot and battery was showing normal percentage. I just restored stock ROM (only ROM, no stock recovery) used it couple of days and flashed another custom ROM and since then I had not one problem. I know it is not the same problem as yours, but I also thought that it was a hardware problem and restored stock ROM to go and claim my warranty:). But, not one problem occured. I hope it helps, even a little:) p.s. one thing I did differently is that I did not go into "Performance" part:) I'm on CM10, it's super smooth
  11. I thought that I can't flash with cwm. Problem is solved. I remembered that I made a back up of stock ROM so I restored it and after that it asked to flash stock recovery or leave cwm. I love Android, it just works:-D Has anybody else had problems with auto-reboots?
  12. I have some problems with my Blade III. It has daily reboots by itself, sometimes after self-reboot reduces battery percentage and I need to reboot it again to show me real battery stat. I used CM9, CM10 and Aurora ROM, overclocked and normalclocked. Once I heard some cracking sound out of it. Yes, cracking sound, belive it was out of battery, I put my ear next to it:) Has anybody else had same problems? What problems did you have? Since that has made me worried, I want to do unroot, to claim my warranty:). I know, same way like i did root, only press UNROOT. But how do I get my stock ROM? I downloaded it, that update.zip, now I need to instal it. It is the same process as instaling custom ROM or something else?

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