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  1. To day, once again, I get the message Exchange wants to read my agenda and I had to choose "accept" at least 20-30 time before I could use the phone. Can anybody help me?
  2. I have just installed the last ROM (15/9/2014). I use a exchange account. My agenda is on the server. I continuously get the message: Privacy-protection - Exchange Services want to read your agenda" I see "remember my choice" and don't change this. an choose for "accept". Immediately I get the same message again and again. The Phone does not remember my settings. How can I stop this? I had the same problem with the synchronisation of the contacts. At this time I don't get the message for my contacts. I suppose I will get this back when Exchange will try to synchronise them. Strange: at this time I don't get the message any more. I hope the messages don't come back
  3. I have unpacked the folder on the root. When I press "volume up + menu + power on" my smartphone starts cyanogenmod. Nothing happens... I also take out the battery. one question: Menu is the button in the middle, or not? I have CWM4.1.0.4. But to get there i have to press volume down at start up. I also get there with "volume up + home + power on"
  4. Thank you! It is the map "TPT helper" in a RAR file. Can you explain what to do? Just urar it in the root of the SD-card? Or something else?
  5. Thank You! I have downloaded the tpt-240 file. It is a RAR-file. I put it in the root. But when I try to "install from SD" I cannot see the RAR. I have to unpack it? Or I have to change it to ZIP? Do I need to save everything (photo ...) on my SD-card before I change the system to 240MB?
  6. I also have 4.4.2 and TPT-helper is installed but not working. I Choose "Create your own TPT" then "Unchanged" then "ClockworkMod v4.0.1.5" then "10" for the Cache and "230" for the system. I get a message telling me that the space left for data will be 200MB. I push on "Yes". The first time I have seen it wanted to download and then I got an error. Now, when I do it all over, I get the message "Unzip Unzip failed" Who can help me? Where could you find TPT 240?
  7. Is the exchange account possible on this rom? How do I strip the ROM?
  8. My system partition is 200MB. You don't have to unzip it. Just install it from the map you put it.
  9. It was not possible to update without fresh install. At starting up I get the message google play-services has stopped. I made a connection with WIFI. Then I get the message the com.google.process.gapps has stopped. It is not possible to add an google account. There is no Exchange account. So I have to go back to a earlier version. I wait and see what happens in the future.
  10. I am on a clean install. If I use the previous gapp, I suppose I don't have Exchange anymore. Firefox is usefull when I want to continue with the bookmarks of My PC. I am out for 1 week (so it is possible I don't read/answer in the next 10 days.
  11. I have installed the new build (FTS ...) with INT2EXT+. The exchange account is OK. But when I Start Playstore I get the message "Google Playstore has stopped". So I cannot install any app with the play store. I deleted playstore and installed a APK (4.6.16). No succes. I installed the GAPP again. No succes. I had to download the APK to my PC, copy them to the ZTE and install from ZTE I have the same problem with Firefox ...????
  12. I have used int2ext+ to extend the"internal" memory to a SD card. It is ok.
  13. Thank you very much! Iwill try your new version.
  14. Is there any wayy to set up an microsoft Exchange account with this ROM and GAPP? I only see Imap, Google and Corporate (POP3 or IMAP) kind regards

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