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  1. Does increased smoothness of work, compared with 4.1 or 4.3?
  2. Please tell me what influence "Disable HW overlays" and "Force GPU rendering"? Whether to use them or not?
  3. Thank you. then humbled himself, although very much like to fix. :unsure:
  4. Help please! :o How to do that when you press the button (home or menu or back) appeared lock screen? Now it appears only if the phone is locked a few seconds ago, if a little long would it no longer wakes up, only the lock button, but should any of the (home or menu or back). option "delay lock" that's not what I mean. sorry Google for the translation
  5. latinime.apk it's system keybord and yet there was some sort of a different set is it)) thanks
  6. Please help get the keyboard from the firmware. she is very convenient.
  7. C3C0 will there be new build this ROM, or you will not have not worked on it?

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