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  1. Cowgers123

    Really bad battery

    Ok. Yesterday I was using aio tool to install various things. Now my battrey is so bad. I went out and left it at home on standby for about 2hrs. When I came back I lost 40% of battery. I have been testing it now and I seem to lose 3-5% osd minute. I was using the xolo rooted rom. I am not a hacker advised me to reflash the xolo- which I have, but it seems to make no difference. please help me. My battery is going down like a stone rolling down the mountain. HELP ME!!
  2. Cowgers123

    how to run gta3 on my san diego

    Pm me
  3. Who here is part of the special group. They haven't even aceppted my request....
  4. Cowgers123

    Sd card troubleshooting

    Will factory data reset stand a chance ??!
  5. Cowgers123

    Urgent help

    its ok now i think. i have used the fix brick option and it is currently installing the update.
  6. Cowgers123

    Urgent help

    my osd has been stuck on the xolo bootscreen, what do i do
  7. Cowgers123

    Sd card troubleshooting

    what do i do tried at least 5 times. please advise me,,,
  8. Cowgers123

    San Diego USB Dock (CHEAP!)

    Not really Mr nipples....
  9. Cowgers123

    Sd card troubleshooting

    That is the app....
  10. Cowgers123

    Sd card troubleshooting

    Ok I now have this but when I mount the sd card nothing happems....... should I start again. Insatll xolo zip. Root Etc.? PLEASE HELP
  11. Cowgers123

    Sd card troubleshooting

    WHY WONT IT WORK!!!!!!
  12. Cowgers123

    Xolo JB

    I agree it is a mess. Just need a simple answer. Lol ....
  13. Cowgers123

    Sd card troubleshooting

    I have but will try with another one. Although it is difficult to get back cover off again..
  14. Cowgers123

    Sd card troubleshooting

    Also When I do ur method it says USB storage blank? ???? Could it be my actual SD card slot is broken?

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