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  1. Works great! I did have the same issue as y4ss1n with the alarm sound not going off (it only vibrated) and nothing being played when selecting which sound to use for the alarm. Fiddling with the volume rocker while in the alarm selection seems to have sorted it though, almost like it thought the sound was muted despite what the inital volume setting was.
  2. A note on the general battery life of R5 - I did an OTA update from R3 and left the phone on overnight doing nothing. In the morning the battery meter was down 20% wheres in R3 it loses 3-4% over the same period. According to CPU spy in R5 the CPU spent ~60% of its time running at 1Ghz, 40% at 245Mhz and never entered deep sleep at any point. Both the built-in battery app and GSam battery monitor have 'Android OS' as keeping the phone awake constantly and causing 81% of the battery use (the rest being the phone radio). On R3 the CPU spends ~98% of the time in deep sleep overnight, so it looks like one of the changes made in R4 or R5 stop the phone from being abe to sleep properly. I can't test R4 to work out which one as I get the reset/freeze problem that was fixed in R5.
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