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  1. Hi guys, need a little help if somebody know... I have stock ROM with Superuser. Can i unroot somehow but to don't flash ROM again? Super Su have Full unroot option but Superuser doesn't have that. Any solution? edit: never mind...
  2. I'm using it but not too much. Pen is a great thing for writing something fast, for painting etc. Now i'm thinking to get Note 3 when he came to store :-)
  3. I'm upgraded from Skate to Note 2 few months ago and the difference is really, really big. I don't have to think about nothing, everything working.
  4. Mozda je pravilnije to tvoje gramaticki ali ovako svi pisu kada je fon na srpskom. Slikao sam ti kako je na mom telefonu.
  5. You didn't write right in all sentences word "elektronske" (serbian language). And it's better E-pošta than Elektronska pošta
  6. Hello to all... i have one question and i was wondering if something is wrong or not. When i go through the screen's everything is great but when i'm on facebook or browser and scroll down or up then phone starts chopping. I have a stock ROM. P.S. Sorry for bad english, i hope i explained well.
  7. That would be a very great news bcs i'm waiting a few months to buy a few apps.
  8. Ok, you have your opinion, i have mine and we are going into circle so i think that is better to finish this. And, for Google play, read all text on link you've posted. Only for Nexus and some Samsungs... Unfortunately....
  9. I'm not saying that you're jealous on ADW but you're jealous on this ROM because everyone has only a good words. Otherwise, why you answering on post where is talking about how is great and how battery works longer with that how this ROM have a warez ADW? You have told once and who asked you anything so you write same thing again? Ok, you said that first time, links are removed and your job is done with that. Why you repeat then? About warez apps... It's not problem in money. I can't buy apps in my country so i must download warez if i want some paid apps. Simple... And yes, everybody can talk how he have a great and best ROM and then nobody can't try it bcs it's not finished. First finish, than post links here and let users say what they think about that. Until is not finished, less talking about that.
  10. Ok, but is it a problem of Heros or ADW team? He say once and why he must repeat that when somebody praise this ROM? Jealousy is the only answer. Of course i can understand that but he is developer and person who used computer constantly and you tell me that he is not using some warez program. Haha. And when you doing something, don't tell to other people to do not use. Pazi, ne mozes da me ubedis da lik ne koristi pirate i da kupuje sve programe koje koristi od prvog do poslednjeg. Dobro, ne distribuira ih ali, brate, sta njega briga da li neko drugi to radi ako ne koristi njegovo. Plus sto Marko nije ubacio neku Pro verziju ili sl. vec verziju koja ne moze ni da se provali da je pirat i za koju ni ADW tim nije potvrdio da jeste uopste pirat. Znaci, jedine tvrdnje su njegove. Vidis da je lik toliko ljubomoran da je ceprkao po kodu ADW-a i po celom ROM-u da vidi sta ne valja kako bi mogao ovde da ga popljuje a onda da hvali svoj ROM. Budi malo realan. A citam ja dobro sta on pise ali je problem sto ja njemu pricam jedno a on odgovara nesto drugo, svoje, sto njemu odgovara. E na to ja njemu ne odgovorim nego ponovim ono sto sam prvi put pitao.
  11. You don't get that you should stop spam topics which isn't about your ROM. You don't get that you are hypocritical bcs you pestering here that he shouldn't use warez ADW but i'm convinced that you even once used some warez app, program or whatever. And you can't convince me otherwise bcs we both know I'm telling the truth. And, you don't get that you don't even try his new update. You can answer me only when you decide to answer exactly on my words, not something you think or want to think that i wrote that. Have a nice trip....
  12. You don't or you don't want to get the point so this never gonna end. Every post you answer only on one part of question because for other part you don't have the answer because you know that you're wrong. Live and let others to live.
  13. @Omegavesko, you install just that updated version, not old one and than update for that old version. For warez ADW... When ADW team doesn't want to bother about that why he must? There was talking about battery and he immediately came and said "No, battery is the same, he doesn't do anything, have a warez ADW bla bla... my ROM's battery life is better". Why man? Why he must said that on topic of another ROM? This is classic challenge. @Heros, Beside FB, Viber etc. you have a few apps that doesn't use internet. Ok, you don't have time, i understand that but if you less commenting and checking another ROM's and spend a more time on you ROM you will finish that job faster. And, yes, you never used pirated Windows, even to try? Or some OS, app...? I don't believe in that. If the answer is yes, than, my friend, you are ironic (you doesn't have to confess to us, you know the answer). p.s. You talking about No Lock which is out few versions ago.
  14. Why would you update apps when they are updated to newer version? And you forgot one key thing... maybe somebody doesn't have internet at that moment to download apps. If is that folder with apps worst thing, than great. You don't have or never used warez apps? Haha. Great. I'm not trying to insult you. I'm just said that you are saying about your ROM for a long time. That is not true?
  15. I'm not developer and i can't say nothing about programming and who is right and who is wrong but this quoted is not true. I mean, not true in newer version. Every ROM have updates and this ROM is updated to a lot better version where you doesn't have these apps installed but you have a folder on your sd card where you have downloaded apps and you choose what you want to install (you must understand that for some people this is great thing because they don't have to download apps every time when install new ROM and spend a lot of time on that). You have the most used and updated apps on you folder and this is great thing. Next, the thing that sticks out is you constant repetition that ADW is warez. So what? Is this your job? No. Sorry but this is reality. Why Ceco or somebody else didn't say something about that? Because they are in own business and you with this show that you're jealous. That is how we see that. You constant write "my ROM, my ROM"... Which ROM? Old, new? You are not become a famous with old, just an ordinary ROM, nothing special. And new... i will be a grandpa when you finish him. For you is better to spend a more time to work on your new ROM and less to investigate other ROM's. Nothing personally, this is just how somebody who is not dev see that you are doing on this forum. And this is not only topic where you spam about your "new ROM". You say something about topic theme and necessarily have to mention "this is .... BUT MY NEW ROM WILL BE BEST, FASTEST" and so on... You get the point.
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