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  1. hmm this x-ui rom looks interesting.. send me link from ROM that you are porting, and which base are you using?
  2. http://www.modaco.com/topic/361330-romv2-lg-40-ui-beta/ I just want somebody to finish my rom :) IT would be great.
  3. I sold my ZTE, so i cant fix anything anymore... Use Second relase, its more stable, find it somewhere in this section... IF somebody want, use this rom and fix LAGS.. you have my permission..
  4. Well maybe developer doesnt work anymore on this rom, but link is still working man! :) I will deal with this rom and update it, but S4 UI, S3 is too old for me :P
  5. LOL! Well for me its not working at all.... We need CM7 developing, i dont know why they stop doing that ROMS... JB AND ICS is quite stable, but i want good cm7 rom to be proud on my blade.
  6. Jventura, yours rom is great, battery, light, smooth, but gaming perfomance in Eco7 is so bad, because of that now I on Elitmovil s2, yeah i know its 2.3.5 buts its fast and gaming perfomance is very good! I dont know why but cyanmobile on my phone allways stuck at boot logo, keys light come in, but still stuck. HELP?
  7. Cyanmobile would be great! I like old GingerBread style, we need CM7 rom with more functionality, gingerbread roms are allready fast and smooth, but i think we need rom with good '' Gaming Perfomance '' and '' Better Battery perfomance '' .
  8. LOL :) I dont have to much time these days, I have a lot of exams, till ends of May, i cant work on any rom.
  9. Yes i badword my phone with that official 2.3 relase.... I need 2.2 image.bin... find please and post it.
  10. Guys, i just need Android 2.2 to update it from T-flash. I somebody have link, post it so i can save my phone ;)
  11. I have been busy this week with competition ( voleyball ), but now i have all world time to finish this rom. I update it to latest version.
  12. Calendar, clock and super user is fixed. I working on lockscreen now.Well I don't belive it will be magic update: D
  13. I waiting darktiktor to get his blade, then we will get update. :D
  14. well, if you making it iOS let it be iOS. Make iOS lock screen. :)
  15. okey man I will do update, just to fix bugs and remove/add some things :lol:
  16. I don't want to promise anything but I think I will update it, but first want to ask jventura for help. Are you using my ROM now or?
  17. 1. Bug is with language :) After change on ENG, somethings stay on Russian :) 2. Theres no settings icon, so you must go on MENU, then system :) 3. Few bugs, but i dont want to be so boring :) :))))
  18. Well good work man :) I have ported this long time ago, but i didnt publish it because i thinked its stupid rom, well now you did it. Keep going :)
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