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  1. Hi again to all...after instalation 7.6 version my phone clock start to late 10-15 min during 24 hours and also my radio during the listening turn off,I must pull off hedphones to start it again..Somebody with same problem??Solutions??Thanks..
  2. Hi Konstat,after instaling i have problem with phone clock he started to late and also my fm radio turn off.. I would be grateful if someone could help..Thank's
  3. Have you done a "wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache partition" in CWM? Updating from stock without wipe doesn't work. everything but factory reset..:) Rhen,what is your suggestion?clean instal ?
  4. deki032, on 07 Jan 2014 - 7:03 PM, said: Have you installed CM11 over a previous version of CM, like CM10.2? If so, delete facebook's folder (com.facebook.katana i guess) from /data/data. Im installed over 4.0.3 stock room...i try to delete folder and same thing,invalid package..also i cant install nova launcher..Thanks
  5. Hi, i cant install facebook on my phone,report to me problem with package or error 24 unknown...if somebody have solution,please..
  6. Have problem with cLock widget,after 7.5 instalation its disappeared and cant it install again.. Also no sound in speaker when play music on player pro or tune in radio..
  7. maybe somebody else noticed that something eat memory...i have 20,30 mb free memory sometimes,sometimes 0 mb free..i use greenify but this dint change anything..:(
  8. yes, I also try to find what eat my battery but I can find what...#*#%***@#.. :)..
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