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  1. There is already a newer CWM recovery available, thanks to zeelog. You can download it from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ve2at3dq1l68a5g/recovery-cwm-
  2. Just wanted to chimn in that later KitKat release versions have degraded performance. The test KitKat version here (8 JUNE 14) scored 524 total on Quadrant, the one from 10 JULY 14 scored 506 total, while the one from 5 AUGUST 2014 (latest fitting on 180 MB system) scored 498. Haven't tested with the 2 latest ones from January since they require system partition to be bigger than 180 MB and I do not see any significant improvements that would make it worth messing with TPT once again.
  3. No force close-s at all, just a missing google play services and therefore nothing that has dependency on it works, which for an OS so dependent on cloud services is basically a death penalty. I am also using the gapps from first page, maybe you downloaded an older version of them? Cause I did try going back to an older KitKat releases prior August but same gapps and the problem was exactly the same. So that is how I tracked the issue is with gapps and then tracked exactly the problem. One thing I haven't checked and which you suspected might be the problem is whether the Gapps + ROM would indeed fit on 180 system partition. I can check that later today by extracting both to a folder and see the space it takes.
  4. I have been using most of Zeelog's KitKat releases and updated dirty over time - no issue till I decided to clean flash the 5 August release. If you have been updating dirty (flashing new update over last KitKat rom), then this might be the reason it worked for both. I suspect though, that flashing clean would cause the same issue, as Google Play Services is missing from gapps. Once I flashed the apk, all is fine an dandy.
  5. You're doing good at reading instructions, but not posts. If you notice my first post I do say "I decided to upgrade it with the latest KitKat fitting on 180 Mb system" which basically means I am using the [5 AUGUST 2014] build of the ROM. So YES, the rom fits on 180 Mb system partition.
  6. Ok I can confirm that Google Play Services is missing in the gapps attached on 1st page of this ROM. Since I could not find proper gapps to run, I downloaded only a Google Play Services apk and it worked ... Something got messed up along the way I guess, wondering how nobody else reported this
  7. It was time my old trustworthy blade continued its life in the hands of my mom. For that purpose I decided to upgrade it with the latest KitKat fitting on 180 Mb system partition. Went into recovery, wiped and deleted everything as per Zeelog instructions and installed ROM and gapps and voila - it booted. However .. for the life of me I cannot create or log with an existing gmail account, I keep getting There was a problem vommunicating with Google servers. Try again later. I've been googling for a while but could not find anything that helped, so decided to post here as I have doubts, google have changed something that no longer validates the gapps package that zeelog provided. What I've tried so far: 1) Checked MD5 of both ROM and GAPPS - both match. Copied them to device and checked again - matched. 2) Installed latest recovery from zeelog 3) Checked system part - 177 from 180, so no space issue. 4) Found more current gapps packages and tried to strip them so they fit - all of them got errors when trying to install in recovery. 5) Cleared cache and data for all google services. 6) Tried older versions of Zeelog's Rom - same issue. This phone has been running with an older version of Zeelog's rom for over an year so I am at lost and would appreciate your help. Update: Google Play Services seem to be missing (can't find it in Settings -> Apps -> All), could that be the problem and why would that suddenly be missing and worked before?
  8. Can you share how the int2ext script would affect the performance? Also I see that latest KitKat builds do not have int2ext - can you run quadrant and post score without it?
  9. Thanks for yet another update!! CM12 for the ZTE Blade? Is that even possible considering ART does not support arm v.6? Coming from zeelog, this sounds kind of like a promise :) P.S. Can somebody who already installed the latest ROM, share how the performance is compared to previous version?
  10. Link is opening just fine for me. Make sure you're not on a network that shapes the traffic for free download sites ..
  11. I havent tested any of the gapps I suggested as the blade is not with me right now. I was trying to be helpful. Thid gapps package is not to be used as it is on 180 mb system partition as it would not fit, so if that is your case, most likely it did not install correctly in the first place
  12. Thats latest PA and zeelog uses PA for gapps. If you want 4.4.4 try this one: 7-2_GApps_Minimal_4.4.4_signed.zip
  13. What about the bug with incoming calls while you're already in a call? This seems like a severe bug as well. Is that fixed?
  14. As I said in my first reply, you need 180 Mb for Zeelog's rom, always refer to first post in thread in roms for requirements. Also error such like the one you received could only mean you have a bad download - did you check the hash given (it is there for a reason u know)?
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