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  1. If you wanted a phone that could run games smooth on anything higher than 4.1 maybe you shouldn't have gotten this phone, eh?
  2. What are the differences? Is this rom better on performance? Can it multitask well?
  3. Would you recommend this or cyanogenmod kitkat?
  4. Can this rom do some light gaming if i use GLtools with this?
  5. Yeah that's weird, i had it too when i used cm11, thought i was the only one :D
  6. can you link the gamer rom? can't seem to find it :D
  7. The first thing you should try is just wipe everything and return to stock.
  8. Why do you think its a problem with rom if it only happens with one browser? :P Maybe you should report the bug to UC Browser developers. :)
  9. Why dont you guys usb-tether instead of hotspot? :D
  10. If you want fm radio, you should just go back to stock or older CM version.
  11. If you would read the thread you would notice it was discussed earlier. :)

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