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  1. Hello, everybody, I'm a player from China, first of all thank the the modaco gods contribution to the G300 (U8818), I only express extreme gratitude on behalf of the Chinese players, English is not very good, the expressionand bad also please understanding。G300 came out almost a year, during which it brought us laughter, bring our surprise, from the heart, I am very pleased.This year, it had CM7 CM9, CM10 and a few days ago from CM10.1, tell a joke perhaps it spring to it.CM7 from the trial version released last year are still not able to fix the problem of data network Internet, and perhaps this is also a headache and lost a lot of players, I hope that the great God and gurus can be a force,make CM7 last BUG repair。 Extremely grateful, maybe a lot of players do not need CM7, but this is indeed a troubled us a long time, Great God "xuefy" the great efforts made ​​in this regard, he is also very tangled, and he needs yourhelp.---- From an enthusiastic voices of the players.Want to be able to get the attention of the gods.Finally, attach the CM7 download address, only the the RIL data network problem is not fixed. [2.3ROM] Huawei U8818 (Ascend G300), the world's first trial version of CM7 Preview (camera fix) By big star @ ATX team Mobile data network is unavailable Mobile data network is unavailable Mobile data network is unavailable FM silent Slower mass storage mode http://bbs.anzhi.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=6091393&fromuid=3658146 http://www.baidupcs.com/file/a7b5bdb1c40c56546d6c7f1cb9d38067?fid=1795505626-250528-1306619074&time=1359436218&sign=FDTA-DCb740ccc5511e5e8fedcff06b081203-8Ah4kS6g9J9st1Wr6W7WIVo2%2B50%3D&expires=8h&sh=1&response-cache-control=private
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