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  1. Thanks, I did 1 / method. Calls earned, but the keyboard has remained in the English interface. And any other layout, except the English, does not work. I corrected the Android Keyboard, installing a recovery Ginger_Original_Glass-signed.zip.
  2. Yes, I've read. I reported a similar problem. ;)
  3. Have problems .. Russian and other keyboard except the English, has stopped working. I fixed installation Ginger_Original_Glass-signed.zip . Also, do not accept incoming calls :(
  4. thanks, YouTube v4.1.23 works
  5. YouTube v.4.2.16, downloaded from Google Play does not start (crash). (( Gapps_2013.zip installed.
  6. Thanks for this development, working very stable. However, the Superuser v.3.1.1 is not remembered permission. I installed an earlier version 3.0.4. I do not understand what is asked Alyaksei but Russian localization is present, in this regard, there is no need to install morelocale2. Also works well Russian keyboard and Android Keyboard and Smart Keybord Pro 1.3. I can not group the icons in the status bar, as shown in Figure 3, only in the form of a scroll bar. I continue testing. Sorry for possible bad translation.

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