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  1. rwllr

    MWC 2014: LG G2 Pro hands on

    Unfortunately no release date though. That usually means it'll be a while :(
  2. rwllr

    MoDaCo Mobile Week 54 - Strong wrists and toilet humour

    About the touchscreen laptops...I have a Sony one with Windows 8.1 and absolutely love it. Whilst the touchscreen isn't good for anything there are a lot of thing especially with navigation that it works really well, and especially within Metro and snapping windows together. I even find myself trying to touch my MacBook a lot now.
  3. rwllr

    The MoDaCo Gift Guide 2013

    I'd like to throw in an extra recommendation of the Nook Glowlight possibly instead of the Paperwhite. Its £49 at John Lewis with their 2 year guarantee and it's based on Android so you can even root it and put the Kindle app on if that's your thing.
  4. So a friend has asked me for suggestions for a new phone and I'm really inclined to suggest WP given her classic usage of Facebook WhatsApp and SMS it'd be perfect. However price is of the essence here, so looking to see if there are any 'budget' WP8 phones. I first considered WP7 phones but what's the deal with apps being backward compatible with it? For example having a look at the new Facebook app it doesn't seem to be compatible with 7.5. Is this something common? Also any personal experience with whatsapp? Reviews seem to say it's pretty poor.
  5. rwllr

    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    So this is really puzzling. I tried installing as per the instructions but would not appear. I later updated my phone and forgot to install gapps again and Wallet appeared! I then noticed I hadn't installed gapps and flashed. Now since doing that it's disappeared again. I'm on a Nexus 4 running AOKP.

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