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  1. Yeah, what's the big secret here? We know Igo8 runs on WM6.5 so there must be a hardware/software tweak to get it running? Even if you cannot post it could I please have the PM explaining this? Thanks
  2. For what it's worth, video playback on the Omnia between Core Player and Windows Media is a no brainer - Windows Media player has smoother rendition and better colour definition...but as you all say, the interface is poo.
  3. Wow - been off the site for a couple of weeks and look where it's all going!! Good stuff guys.
  4. I too never have Extra switched on...the very first time I used iGo I did and via my WiFi it loaded the reference data, but from that point on I have it disabled. I get a clear lock in about 30-60 seconds and from there it's all plain sailing. I also have the same Com and Baud settings. I am actually using my Omnia as a great stand alone GPS in the car!
  5. Strange to hear all these battery issues with same ROM's. Typically now my usage is this: - 30 mins phone calls - 10 of them via blue tooth - Maybe 10 PIM lookups - 5 texts - Some photo viewing And at the end of the day I'll have 80% left....very happy. I am not NOT doing another ROM up(down)grade based on your reports fellow Omnians. I wish you the best in trying to succeed with this obvious issue. CHeers CM
  6. I would try and buy iGo 8 - it works well for me here in New Zealand. Satellite locks were slow initially but now I have tweaked things and I'm on within 20-40 seconds. I run it in lanscape always...seen some in portrait but haven't bothered how to sort that out - I must d/l some new voices though, this American chic is getting on my nerves. A nice classy English one is where I'm heading I think. Battery sucking process though...get a car adaptor.
  7. I have been testing the ROM's - G4, HH1, HH3 and now I1...they absoluetly dictate the perofrmance of the battery. So far G4 and I1 have been the best. Currently on I1 (sick of updating ROM's and only done it three times...). The HH ROM's in my view simply did not have any power management capability - something was seriously wrong with the operating system. I would barely get a day on HH3 and previously with G4 I got 3, sometimes 4 days. Back on I1 I get very similar to G4 - maybe slightly less but it is so little it could be perception.
  8. There are certianly wierd things going on with my charging...from 10% to a green light, not turned on (i.e. fully off) plugged into the wall takes around 3.5 hours!!! My Nokia would do a full charge in 55 minutes! But, by doing it this way I get 100% on the battery meter - if I leave the device on whilst charging I can get a green light but pull the plug out it drops straight away to 80 or 90%... So far the battery issues are my biggest gripe (sure, the GPS is no good, and there's the whole pop-port issue etc etc)...I'll go to HI1 tonight but if I get no improvement I'm returning to G4 (and maybe ending the relationship). I bought this primarily as my business phone and it's barely acceptable due to battery.
  9. I agree - 100% still sounds like you're heading for a fast track to zero soon? Mine's been on 40% for the remainder of the day now....it does seem like some sort of calibration thing. Just a question, do you folk charge while the phone is on or turn off and charge say overnight?
  10. I think I opened my mouth too soon....a charge over night (while phone turned on), got up, uplugged the charger and went from the green light to 90% before I even touched it. Lunchtime now and 3 calls later I'm at 40%....unaaceptable again. This is on Samsungs official DZHH3 ROM... Back to the drawing board (or I4)....
  11. I just mentuioned on similar threads (merge maybe?) that this battery thing seems not related to ROM's anymore...too many people wuith the same ROM but totally different experiences. I think it might have something to do with the process in which we upgrade, specifically the battery charge before we upgrade, and then the hard reset straight afterwards followed by another full charge....miss a step and somethign else happens? Look, clutching at straws here but it does seem weird.
  12. I'm wondering whether this battery thing IS related to the way we flash it? For example, did you all hard reset the phone each time straight away? It all seems to bizarre to be related to ROM versions...something else is going on here?
  13. Seems the Phone is DX and the PDA DZ...in terms of functionality it is the same bar the chinese inputs....but in my case the battery issues I had with the previous HH3 have gone...so to avoid any further suffering I will leave alone....until the next ROM ;)
  14. I agree - I've been using for 24 hours now. My biggest issue with the other HH3 was the terrible and random battery issues...with this ROM, to date, no problems. I did a couple of things when I did upgrade like a hard reset immediately after the update, and a full (power off) charge up to green. I did have to change the phone to Singapore (interestingly mine was set for Phillipines) prior...after that, no issues. The ROM is still up on the site by the way...
  15. Who knows...in New Zealand we have vodafone which tends to have reasonably standard settings, so as long as it is GSM, all is well. You'll need to do yuor own research or decide to what until you get a branded update (official). Re DZHH3 - so far, so very good....no stupid battery issues as yet (12 hours after update and at 100% still...like it used to be in G4). Will report progress in a day or two ...
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