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  1. Modaco devs suck with their attitude. Also the whole modaco forum too as it hasn't mods and the British rude dogs are free to bite you. Loosers

  2. For the latest negative feedbacks, what if you try to flash the previous nightlies 2013/05/20 or 21 or 22 ? Will the rom behave better?
  3. Relax. It's not the end of the world. I have met a lot of devs that were in your position and weren't so aggressive. With one way or another you will buy a new laptop and you will continue. We are here we will not leave.
  4. I say again you could just refer it in the OP to avoid such posts. Of course you have a life, you have put a lot effort, it's just for your good, to not be disturbed from these questions. Once again new users in a new environment have difficulties to understand how a forum works. Anyway it's true that you don't have time for that, continue with the rom development, we rely on you! BadMan PimpY you can't reply directly to me? You're a kind of kyan's dog or something? Please we don't need more idiots like you. I hate this kind of people. I think they have low IQ and esteem.
  5. I respect you for being such a good developer, but, why you don't write this bug in the OP? I think it's your fault too! And you know what? Many users who are new, they're new in forums too, or in these kind of forums. You shouldn't all of you be so rude. You don't only discredit yourself/your topic but the whole forum too. If he wasn't a new user then yes, he should knew the rules and how the forum is working. That's from me. Let's continue on our topic.
  6. Why just not answering him instead of increasing the posts thus the pages and making the things worst in the feature? wappoo It's a great rom, with no reboots at all. You're free to flash it. It's a great and stable 10.1 rom tweaked for everyday use.
  7. First of all search sucks here, secondly search for what? He can't spend his whole life searching for bullsh*ts like yours. You don't contribute here as I saw some of your previous posts so shut it. And something last: HE'S A NEW MEMBER!
  8. Great rom! This is what I was looking for! Kyan31, for the next changelog, I suggest you to implement an entropy generator into the rom and not using a third party software by us (and some may not knowing what is that). Also if it's easy for you, to make something to swap the external memory with the internal. Personally I have flashed the link2Int 1.1 but it doesn't seem to work. I want for example to have the NFS MW installed in the internal storage, but the app keeps looking at the sd instead the internal where the necessary files are. And it's too pity that we have 2gb, and cannot use it.
  9. I have moved the nfs files in the internal storage, but in the link2SD says that the internal storage has free 2GB while it should show some mb of free. What I did wrong?
  10. I have installed on Electra v3 rom (10.1) and until now I haven't faced any issues. Is it possible to make the Need for Speed to run from the internal memory?

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