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  1. Umph. This now reboots itself 20 minutes after I've switched it off. I can't live with that. Had enough now, I think I should give up on the old Vivacity.
  2. Hi again. Yes, it seems this was probably my own fault, I should not have wiped my data. I re-installed v2.0 and then once I had that running, before I did anything else, I installed the OTA update 2.4 from the SD card. Now, it works OK. As for how well it works, well it's early days yet; but this is certainly the most responsive the phone has been on any ROM since I rooted it and started installing other ROMs. The only other big success I had was with iHarryBao's ROM on ICS, but even that had problems. I'll return with a further report if this works out OK.
  3. Hi. I have only just discovered this ROM, and so far I like what I see. For others in the same position, my experience of the OTA update was this: First, find the OTA app in your apps, and run it. It tells you that the update is available, so get it. When I ran the app, it downloaded the update and started the install, saying I should wipe cache and dalvic cache, and then offered the option to 'Wipe cache' and/or 'Wipe Data'. I selected both, but that may have been wrong. Anyway, it went into a screen with a ! in a triangle and a miniature droid, and locked up there. Pulled the battery and then rebooted into CWM where I wiped cache and dalvic cache. I installed the update from there, it appears in the list of items on the SD card. The install worked, but the reboot didn't, and I got a whole lot of repeating warnings about lots of elements not running. Pulled the battery again, and tried a reboot. Same story, text system not running, Google something not running, the warnings flood in so fast you can't read them. I'm now going to try a re-install of the v2 and try the upgrade again.
  4. So, it seems I am still monitoring this thread :unsure: . Just had an email to say someone posted (rikerone). I've been happily using the rom by iharrybao for several months now, and have no complaints. Stable, quick, fully functioning including cameras, and reasonable battery life. I'm now considering a better phone later this year (maybe my birthday in October?). :P I think I'll stop monitoring this thread now. Goodbye all.
  5. I'd forgotten I was monitoring this forum! I'm not using this ROM anymore, and I gave up with Titanium backup and the like. Now I've settled on one ROM and set up the apps I want, I'm hoping not to have to go through that again until I replace the phone. :-)
  6. OK, so I finally moved from F&C7 to iharrybao's ROM, should have done it a long time ago! Superb, so far (only a few hours yet :) ). Just wanted to say thanks for doing the work in this ROM. I did at one point get stuck in a German keyboard translating to pinyin and had to get out of that by guesswork, so it had to go! I've installed SystemApp Remover and IceCreamSandwich keyboard from the play store, and used SysApp Remover to take out the Pinyin keyboard and the chinese root explorer, so far with no bad repercussions. I'll post again with any problems/delights. :D PostScript: Two months in, and I'm still delighted by harrybao_r3b. Good battery life, A2SD works as it should, very few crashes (only two I can remember), and very quick! For my T-Mobile Vivacity, this is the one that stops me dreaming of getting a better phone (almost). Thanks iharrybao!
  7. Interesting. Does that model have "soft" keys for list, home, back, search, or actual moving push buttons? Others will, I hope, chime in on other differences between the TMV and SF2.
  8. Hi, I've got a 16GB SD card, and I gave the EXT partition 2GB of that. Currently "Storage" shows I have 13.54GB total space, 12.32GB Available space on the card. Internal storage shows only 23.39MB Available space, after I have deleted some apps that prevented updates. :-) From what I've read, A2SD only puts a small part of each app onto the EXT partition, and I always check in Settings, Apps, Storage Use, that everything that can be is moved onto SD card. That menu shows Internal, 134MB used, 29MB free. SD Card 1.2GB used, 12GB free. TBH, I wonder if A2SD is actually doing anything at all? INT2EXT+ worked very well for me under CM9. I'll have a look with a text editor like you suggest, thanks for the pointer.
  9. @dwl99. Hi, I ran CM9 IceCreamSandwich for quite a long while, when I first rooted my T-Mob Vivacity. Battery life was poor, barely a day and I'm not a heavy user. I was blaming the fact that my house has a very poor phone signal on ANY channel. It improved a lot when I switched off the 3G. After I got fed up of the camera issue and some "unexpected events", I went back to Gingerbread by loading Fish n Chips 7. Battery life was improved, I can now get 24 hours+ with quite a bit of use. YMMV of course, not everyone gets the same response to battery or facilities. For instance, my front camera on FnC is upside down (to me, not tried it to others). I believe this doesn't always happen for everyone. The big thing for me is that tethering works flawlessly in Fish n Chips, and I use that a lot for my wife's iPad. I can't switch off the 3G in that though, although it seems to manage that, and the wifi, itself. P.S. @SCORE! With CM9 you have the option to use whatever storage management tool you wish, while FnC seems to have A2SD built in. I used INT2EXT+ with CM9 and never ran out of space at all. If you've loaded Link2SD in FnC maybe that is in conflict with its own A2SD and that's causing your problems?
  10. Yeah, I ran CM9 for quite a while on my Vivacity (ZTE Crescent). Eventually, I went for Fish n Chips 7 as I got fed up with the stutters and crashes, plus the camera issue. FnC is good, but I too am running out of room. A2SD doesn't do as well as INT2EXT+ did in CM9. That gave me acres of space! :-)
  11. Hi, I'm using this ROM with music2 removed and music put back in, and everything works brilliantly (except front camera upside down). However, I'm now running out of space again. I do so wish ZTE had put a bit more room in there. I'm thinking that I could try INT2EXT+ which worked so very well for me in CM9. However, I'd have to remove the embedded A2SD in FnC7. Can anyone tell me if and how this can be done? Thanks.
  12. Hi elitom. I'm watching this thread because I'm on Fish-N-Chips7, and have wondered if this might suit me better. However, I've not yet tried it. Have you ever tried recalibrating the proximity sensor? I can't find that setting anywhere in the ROM I'm using, but it was available in CM7 ICS I had on a few weeks ago. I had found that the proximity detector was not seeing that I had moved the phone away from my face, and the display stayed off. After re-calibrations, it was perfect. That setting seems to have persisted despite the factory reset and new ROM install. Maybe I'm wrong, but if it does persist through the process, then putting another ROM in, with the setting available, recalibrating and then going back to harrybao might work for you.
  13. Thanks for sharing that - it worked for me too! So glad to have my own tones back.
  14. Hi, I just looked at that link, and it says RLS8 is for SF2 only. Is that right? Thanks.

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