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    ZTE Blade 3
  1. darkdevilftw

    speed up blade 3 ??

    hello , i was wondering if you can tell me what is the fastest rom for freaking Blade III , because i can't take this lagging and problems anymore .. two days ago somehow rom deleted my DCIM folder , why i don't know :S , games are lagging , using it for basics like calls or something also lags .. i tried reinstalling the rom 4.2.2 and the stock one and everything is the same . i don't know what to do anymore ... :(
  2. darkdevilftw

    Blade 3 Brick

    hello guys , my blade only have red light when i turn it on , i cant go in recovery or something , and when i connect it to pc it says zte dfu device on com3 port . can you help me how i can save my device ? tnx in advance
  3. darkdevilftw

    Blade 3 cant install CWM

    i tried that , but nothing . when i open my device manager it says android bootloader interface code 10 ( cannot start ) .
  4. darkdevilftw

    Blade 3 cant install CWM

    Hello ! I'm having this wonderful problem with this chinese crap called a smartphone . Well , i tried install cwm on my mobile phone , every driver is installed and that stuff and when in cmd comes to waiting for device my stupid phone shows as code 10 unable to start ( i was looking for that in device manager ) . i tried deleting drivers and installing it again , reseting my mobile phone and none of my ideas worked -.-" . Does anybody knows how to figure this problem out ?
  5. darkdevilftw

    ZTE Blade 3 stable 1226mhz

    Hello ! I was wondering does anybody knows where i could find some stable 1226mhz overclock kernel for blade 3 because from what i was reading everyone are having problems passing 1.15ghz on most of them . tnx
  6. darkdevilftw

    [DEV][ROM][1.11.] CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2)

    my other phones that have 1ghz cpu can overclock to 1.4 ghz no problem , and blade is max stable at 1.15ghz :((
  7. darkdevilftw

    [ROM][20.1] Aurora Borealis RLS1 (Android 4.0.4)

    i cant set cpu clock more than 1.19 because it flash me with blue screen and reboot . :((

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