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  1. Thanks for this thread its the Shizz. I dont know how anyone get this info otherwise. I was poking around my windows directory and found this audioCodec.exe. In the about of this program it says AK4671 & MAXX9877 register editor version Louvre_0.1. It has a plethora of settings similar but more daunting than the above, There are 7 submenus debug mode and register dump etc. I dont dare change anything without making a book of all the default settings first cause if i fudge something I will never get it back.
  2. I found that the lower I went the louder it got. I had fun I maxed everything both ways. I didnt blow anything, It just got really distorted at full volume. There is a hardware limitation I am guessing and distortion could cause damage over time.
  3. does anyone still have this i would llike to try it but the link is no longer valid
  4. thanks its not working yet but i will make it work
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