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  1. Yeah. Thanks for advice. But your post seems to be as useless as my. For experienced users only.
  2. Thank you for your experience share leading me not to install this rom nowadays.
  3. Could sb upload a tpt bin file for european gen2 blade with 180 MB system partition?
  4. This ROM is really great, smooth and quick unlike cm10 or 10.1. BUT why is there so much free space on the top? Is it possiblebto move widgets and icons closer to status bar?
  5. Who has to read daily about your problems with s2e?!! Stop this OT!
  6. Could be sb so nice and upload 160mb version? I cant do TPT now. Thanks very much!
  7. WiFi is quite lazy. When I change location and wake up Blade, it takes too much time to automatically search and connect. I am using never use in sleep WiFi mode option.
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