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  1. I went to a service centre with this problem. They were reluctant on repairing the device. They were infact telling me to change the entire PCB. The price they quoted was about Rs. 5200. I was a bit shocked. I took my phone back n decided to use another old phone for calling n sms. Now I use x900 as a wifi only phone for WhatsApp, Gaming etc. Will move on to buy a new phone.
  2. It's A hardware problem as far as I know. It happens to me too. The imei goes blank and so does the network. But it happens only when the phone becomes hot. And when that happens the phone starts sucking battery faster. When the network goes blank the phone keeps scanning for network in the background sucking a lot of battery. It doesn't stop scanning even when its on airplane mode.
  3. Oh.... I'm sorry I won't be able to help you in that. I'm not expert either. Best of luck! :-)
  4. Check the 12th post in this thread... http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/366822-Xolo-X900,-Xolo-X500,-Orange-Sandiego-Official-Tool-Kit#entry2178286
  5. I've been using hktheme manager for sometime now. Never faced such a problem. You do have root and the latest xposed installed correctly, right? The developer of hktheme manager mentions in his OP in his thread at Xda that not to enable the option 'Allow themes to replace layout?' as enabling this option causes bootloops with some non-compatible devices. But this depends on the type of themes you use. I've tried and tested the following themes: 1. Transparent CM Theme (Doesn't make anything transparent thought coz of xposed limitations, the developer explains) 2. Simplicity Beta 3. Berlin By Night Theme 4. Alloy Light Blue 5. Simplex 6. Mianogen CM theme 7. MIUI v5 concept 8. Flatron 9. Aventador Theme 10. MIUI v5 Holo Blue 11. IOS7 Trance CM Theme 12. Flats I'm currently using 'MIUI v5 Concept' theme with 'MIUI v5' Icon Pack available for free at play store. Icon pack applied with with Action Launcher. All working fine with me. Try it again if you would like to.
  6. Not testing any module but I am using a few modules which are quite useful. I'll list them out: 1. Android Tuner (Mainly for firewall, disabling battery low warning and Battery Temp Status bar icon) 2. App Settings (For restricting some permissions for some suspicious apps) 3. CrappaLinks (Removes crappy link masking/tracking from various apps) 4. Greenify (For Hibernating Apps which auto start again and again, better than task killers actually) 5. HKTheme Manager (It's a themeing module. It does not need any porting of themes like the xtheme engine. Just download any CM theme, xtheme and t-mobile theme and open the app and apply the theme. As simple as that) 6. KitKat Toast Backport (Backport kitkat toast to older android version) 7. Master Key multi-fix (Patches 'Master Key Exploits') 8. MinMinGuard (Ad-blocker, it's better than adaway) 9. XBlast Tools (Very useful app with several utilities)
  7. I'm attaching the zip file containing two apk files. These are working perfectly on my device. Please install XposedInstaller_test_static.apk first. Afterwards, install the other APK and try the installation. Now it should work. The installer alone is only of 464 Kb and along with the static busybox it is about 700 Kb. The latest version was downloaded 1,447,869 times. So imagine the load on the server coz of these downloads. Now with the next version, the installer will be the default installer for all the devices. This installer will recognize the files required and download it automatically. This will reduce the load on server plus reduce the size of the package since it downloads only those files which are required. The static busybox will be automatically downloaded and installed. Brilliant Idea! Now our devices will be compatible for all future releases, hopefully. :D Edit: The installer gives a error 'could not mount / system writable' but it still works. It'll install correctly. Just reboot the device. Xposed.zip
  8. It's already been tried... Through emails, blogs and petitions... No response for any of them. One such response has been posted by fibblesbean in his Thread: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/355194-Orange:-San-Diego-is-bootloader-locked-and-staying-that-way
  9. Has anybody tried installing CWM or TWRP on our devices? I think the tab called 'Provision' can be used to install custom recovery on the device. I am not sure if that will Brick the device though.
  10. Also the version we have is the static version. 2.3 static 1. That's the last working version for our devices. This version also contains a static busybox. The other versions don't bundle a static busybox. That's why the latest version does not work. I don't know the technical advantages of it though. I'm no developer. I'm a noob who's learning slowly slowly.
  11. The thing is that we don't have the latest version of app_process and XposedBridge.jar. Eventually all the newer modules will require these latest versions. So in order to use the latest modules we'll need the latest version. Plus the advantage of this new version is that it'll decrease the load of server reducing the download size of each app.
  12. I just got a PM from the developer of Xposed framework. I've attached a screenshot. His next version will support our devices. :D But before that he wants some testing. So I'll be posting the apk here. And if anybody is interested, can just download it and give it a try. But do report the developer the logs. Without the logs he can't do anything.
  13. No your tool is different. Might be the right tool actually. The main setup file 'ManufacturingFlashTool' is of 5MB whereas the file uploaded in the first pot is of 10MB. The difference can be known by the size itself. But i believe you will need some files from the first post of this thread to flash your device. Like: 'IFWI_GI_DV1.0_v0E.BB_CAAB_PPD', 'LEXUG-droidboot_ota-CAAK-POS', 'CAAB-Signed_PNW_D1_FWR_DnX.FD.07', 'CAAB-Signed_PNW_D1_OSR_DnX.0D.08' and 'LEXUG-recovery_ota'
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