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  1. I made adb logcat four times.First time befor logging to Googl,second time after logg,3. after reboot and 4.time in boot loop http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/36905152/file.html
  2. When it restarts, the installation starts, and stops at the android boot animation, and every 3 seconds, the screen flashes and vibrates
  3. Try with b952 stock kernel.Same happens as before.In the beginning everything is working well.After reboot fall in boot loop.Can not restart the system.
  4. Repack after 5 minutes, reboot and falls in bootloop.I can re-run.Tried several times. Me Widget dont shows your album because Gapps overwrite rom`s Gallery2.apk.T o fix this issues we must exchange Gallery2 in system/app.But first need to solve reboot and bootloop. I tried dload B601,relatively good,but there are a couple of problems,low memory,some modules in Themes not work.But it's worth a try, looks good.I take these images.
  5. To install this ROM should have B926
  6. SJS00M BATTERY:2012.03.30 BOUGHT:2012.05.16 VIP SERBIA
  7. Everything is running smooth.Dazzo dont worry.If nothing else cm-10.2-20131021-NIGHTLY-U8815 and cm-10.2-20131021-NIGHTLY-U8815 are the most wanted ROMs
  8. I hope it will not look like this ... ;)
  9. I downloaded two times but the installation stoped E:can`t open/... I use CWM
  10. slower then previous version

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