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    Feiteng H7189
  1. oh yeah ty , but i want custom roms like they have for the h9500 i think they only have 2 roms :l
  2. hey guys i have a feiteng H7189 now and it's pretty good ! I was searching the web and i didn't found any roms for this phone, i rooted and installed cwm but can't find any roms .. can someone help me ? and btw somebody have the same phone ? :P
  3. suskisunami

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    i wonder when the instagram gets good on this Rom :l
  4. suskisunami

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    and for me when i'm recording it , when i'm going to choose a filter it flashes a lot ..
  5. suskisunami

    Help! instagram error ?

    Joandrade wich Rom are you using ?
  6. suskisunami

    Help! instagram error ?

    ohh I see kyan but i like a lot your ROM I'm waiting for the update hehe hmm but how about cm ? is there any problem or it's the app ?
  7. suskisunami

    Help! instagram error ?

    idk but I tried for example.. I was using Electra Rom by kyan .. and there's a HUGE but huge error xD the camera frozen and the app just shut off .. then I tried cm Rom and it has this flashing error ... I think we need to wait from a instagram update ... idk :l
  8. suskisunami

    Help! instagram error ?

    Can someone help us ? :c
  9. Hello guys I need some help .. we all know that instagram as updated and as a new feature that we able to make short videos.. so I was starting filming then i realized that my film was flashing .. I tried again but still the same problem .. I'm running the 20130619 update from cm 10.1 .. Someone have the same problem as me ? I need help :l
  10. I really agree with you .. without these roms these phone is nothing .. and we all must give some constructive feedback if something is wrong, but saying that kind of things like sebag2 i think he must be quiet and don't come here and say stupid things.. kyan spend so much time doing this for FREE to give people a good Rom ... but its really a shame some people don't realise that ..
  11. ok kyan thank you for the response :) btw keep the good work ! :) i'll try it :D if trully works today when i get home i'll install it :) because i have some crashes sometimes and reboots ..
  12. Kyan I flashed your rom again yesterday and , today i'm getting some random reboots I don't know why :l It's kinda anoying .. because I like this Rom ... there's some fix for that ? I know some roms are getting this too
  13. i found a bug i think.. when i'm calling and when i put the headphones i can't hear nothing ... and one more thing where is the toggles in notification bar ? i can't set it on ..
  14. I was going to intall now but it says its a bad file.. What is going on? I need help edit:nevermind it's my mistake ahah

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