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  1. bredwolf

    [Request]Exapnding system memory.

    so,yayakuya,you will try to do this?Please keep us at currency with all news,and when you need help please say:D.
  2. bredwolf

    [Request]Exapnding system memory.

    hmm,i don`t know to do that...Maybe one developer will read hecatae`s post and will do that,or maybe hecatae will do if he has some time:D.Thanks.
  3. Hey guys,i have one request for you.Did anyone can do a Rom with expanded system memory?To expand the 150mb of lg l3 to 500 or 1000mb.Please post is someone can do this,or say to me(step by step)how to do this.
  4. bredwolf

    LG e400 StockICS by nathan

    ohh,nice:D.Thanks man.
  5. bredwolf

    LG e400 StockICS by nathan

    so,this is a mod for stockrom?or it is runing android 4.0?
  6. bredwolf

    LG E400 not possible to Root?

    nonono.Frist,run super one click,and afther the program finished it`s work run the root tool that i gave you.
  7. bredwolf

    LG E400 not possible to Root?

    it happened to me.You must run superone click AND AFTER THIS you must root with this https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hswfhl8mavn7tq3/eMkYAAKezO After runing superone click download the root tool from my dropbox and than press run.Pres enter and after 1 minute its done.
  8. bredwolf

    Well check this out developers

    All waiting for this.Hope it will be released soon
  9. you must flash the kernel without any wipe and you must flash the kernel over cm9 already flashed.
  10. bredwolf

    [Request]Rom that makes L3 looks like L9

    Oh,nice.Haven`t seen this:D.Thank you
  11. Hello everyone.Can someone make a Rom that makes L3 looks like Lg Optimus L9? I`ve tried to do this but when i flash my rom,the phone turns from white to black than restarts. Thank you,please post here if someone will try to do this.Maybe you can make this Rom to be based on cm9.
  12. bredwolf

    e400 ROMs links are working again!!

    nice job:DThank you very much.
  13. thanks a lot for overlocked kernel.It works at me:D
  14. bredwolf

    WiFi problem

    no,and the blurred screen was fixed.You can try it,it`s very cool,and if you don`t like it you can reverse to stockrom:D
  15. bredwolf

    WiFi problem

    try to install cm9,maybe it will help...Or change the stock rom.A lot of peopel had wifi problems and after flashing cm9 they solved them.

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