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  1. Close. Times that by 3 (minus a few years) and add alcohol. Still, I had this issue and turned the volume down. No distortion nor too-loudness.
  2. About loud in-call volume: I had this and sorted it. You may want to write this down, it's complicated. What I did was press the volume down button. If you don't know how to do this, PM me.
  3. Hopefully I can explain (I'm a bit tipsy)... I've got the white and silver version of this phone, and the silver bits 'round the phone are being scraped off and look ugly. Has anybody sanded off the silver bits to even it up? I did this with my previous phone and it now looks better than it did when I first got it. Anyway, I'm going to do it, I was just wondering if anybody already has to see if it looks OK.
  4. Yeah, the internal SD. Whenever I've flashed a ROM with something on it it gets wiped.
  5. Is this possible? I could use it then. For music or something. Otherwise it's just wasted.
  6. Is there another way to download the downgrade zip? Depending on the browser I either get download failed or forbidden.
  7. I prefer the stock browser. Has anybody tried Opera Beta? I suppose I could but the stock one seems to be the quickest and most compatable.
  8. R2 is very smooth for me. Much better than R1. Especially the lock screen lag (there isn't any in R2). The only problem I have is occasional data/signal disappearing. Sometimes toggling network works; sometimes I have to reboot. It isn't enough to make me switch ROMs though. When (if) Wi-Fi tethering works it will be near perfect.
  9. To the tutorial? I can't find it. Here's the link to the kernel thread. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=29844774 Maybe a dev could PM him.
  10. He even has a GB/ICS/JB kernel, which is an amazing feat of developing.
  11. I have an Xperia Play which I can multiboot from the SD card. I also have this phone which has an unused internal storage bit. I think the developer of that has put up a tutorial on how to do it. Possible? Bear in mind that before the multi boot was made possible it was cited as impossible.
  12. It gets frozen by Google for some reason. Use Titanium Backup or an app like App Quarantine to unfreeze it. You'll have to do it every reboot.
  13. I've been using this since day one. The only gripe is WiFi hotspot. I've had no reboots or anything. A fix for WiFi hotspot would be good, but not essential: It just saves me swapping SIMs with my other phone.
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