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  1. Muztek

    Upgrading phone from blade 3?

    I droped my ZTE Blade 3 for some days ago and had to quickly buy a new phone and my selection fell on a Huawei Ascend P6, it works pretty well for the money, unfortunly there ar not so many custom roms yet, but the device is easy to root and there are a way to use CWM so i think ther soon is some usable roms. The orginal rom is not bad exept for the launcher, the worst launcher i ever used, but launcher are easy to change. The only bad thing i found so far is that music in headset is low, and the orginal handsfre is totaly crap.
  2. I have use this rom for a couple of days and before that CM10.2 and i wonder if someone know if there are a theme like HoloGlass i have searched but only fuond background theme or hologlass and Mixer for CM-roms. Background themes is nice but i should like to easy change to my own wallpapers for the theme
  3. Try settinges/developer options/Root acess set that to apps and ADB
  4. Muztek

    Upgrading phone from blade 3?

    That's sad and the vanilla android they have seems to be little old
  5. Muztek

    Upgrading phone from blade 3?

    @KonstaT Nexus 4 is available in my country but not to the low price that Google sell it for ;( R819 has the 900Mhz and sells in Europe for €269 i also like the dual sim feature
  6. Muztek

    Upgrading phone from blade 3?

    I think an Oppo R819 gonna be my next device, cheap and Oppo help the scene to build custom roms and even promote some of them on thier new site http://en.oppo.com/firmware/#
  7. Keep up the good work :) Love this rom but have some minor issues. The phone hang sometimes in 3-10 seconds and a few randomly forced close in apps, and a few times the notification bar has disappeared. Sorry for bad English not my native language.
  8. Screenshots can be taken in other ways to, i just read the first post in this thread were it is a not working feature, and when i don't get it to work i thought that it was true.
  9. The only thing i miss in this rom is screenshots, but i only had it installed for a few hours then i went back to CM 10.2. I use screenshot a lot so thats the reson.
  10. So easy and i missed it, thanks KonstaT
  11. I have problem with SU in this rom, are there a problem with this or is it i as have bad luck?
  12. KonstaT I have to say that you are awsome
  13. I have CWM in my device, can i update to a new version by flash the *.zip version from the old CWM i have?
  14. I hope you can build PAC-man on CM 10.1 thats what i waiting for. I have test this one and it's great
  15. I tryed to test this rom but unfortunly the keyboard gav me FC all time so i couldn't log in to google :(

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