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  1. Thanks Paul. How do I reset it? just normal app uninstall ??
  2. Has anybody had any luck with Google Wallet ? I am a bit concerned to activate it as I red somewhere that the NFC stops working forever when you reflast another ROM without propery uninstalling it. I couldn't find any instructions anywhere to uninstall GW app... Paul, do you think it is a real issue or just a myth ??
  3. I have baked my custom custom rom 2 days ago and been monitoring.... issues identified so far.... 1. Poor battery - Battery seems to be discharging too quickly.. charged it to 100% at work and only used it for 3-4 minutes just to check emails.. and lost about 5%... and by the time I reach home(nearly 30 mins drive) it came down to 85%.... do I need to calibrate the battery after every flash ?? 2. Mobile Data won't switch on automatically if I were on home wifi for a long time, have to manually enable data 3. Other party hear too much noise when on bluetooth car kit.. never had this problem with my Galaxy S & ZTE Blade before.. :( Hope there is some fix to the battery issue as I am getting annoyed with the battery performance. It was never this bad on stock rom...

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