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  1. instaled new build and all works ok, except ringing tone, its ring with pauses. can i fix it?
  2. changelog for new nightly?
  3. i think that is last update with sd card as primary.
  4. what is change in last update from 01012014?
  5. no, but you can edit build.prop to set sd card as primary.
  6. this update is practicly same like previously versions, i try it but i didnt find any diference (after restart default storage ometimes stay as sd card, sometimes back to internal, you can set toggles as power widget, not in status bar, speed, stability, battery,... same like in b952.). cyda's stock+ works like charm. :)
  7. downloading now, install and same like previous versions ( ....b952,b960): - new bootlogo ( vodafone) - no toggles - after reset phone, sd card stay default all other works ok, testing now, cheers.
  8. its for u8818, does it work on u8815?
  9. does the latest monthly version option to choose betwen internal and sd card?
  10. now we can choose betwen internal and sd card?

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