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  1. OK Thanks and sorry for my poor english but now i got two problems after flashing the rom in dual boot with another rom: 1- My external SDcard is not mounted. How can i do it mounted at system boot? 2- I got "Baseband unknow" in informations about firmware, phone... It's normal or not?
  2. Thanks a lot bro for all your good work on this rom. I'm on a stock froyo rom (LG p990-v10f) old bl. Which one of 30A/B i have to choose ? And i have to flash radio too ? What version of radio(baseband) can i flash. Sorry for my english ! Thanks !
  3. I'm looking for a good rooting guide for ALCATEL OT-992D and maybe some rom developement on this phone please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. headsets with microphone don't work after flashing this previous builds ! So this latest build could be fine ? I've downgraded to CM7.2 to make it work well.
  5. I've got some headset microphone issues with two last builds(03-29 & 04-14). What's about this one???
  6. S2E dont work. It's work like a charm on 4.1.2 but not on 4.2.2 ! Can you include it like in PACman ROM 4.1.2? Thanks
  7. I've got some white graphics in some games like Baseball superstars 2013, Ganstar, NOVA 1... What can i do to have better graphics?
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