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  1. BrtH

    [APP][XPOSED]Lockscreen Switch[v1.0]

    I have a problem with this when using a different dpi than the default one. The ring isn't in the center. See screenshots:
  2. Just look at the start post and the posts above you for the answers to all your questions.
  3. Wouldn't it be easier and give less errors, when you port miui from a device that is much more similar to the s500, like the xperia t, instead of the nexus?
  4. BrtH

    Questions about the Acer CloudMobile

    They will replace any problems, European law dictates that they have to offer min. 2 years of free warranty. I've never had problems with the call quality, but I don't have much comparison, because my previous phones were very shitty in general.
  5. BrtH

    Questions about the Acer CloudMobile

    The screen is exceptionally good. I don't know any exact numbers about the dead pixels, but remember that only people with a problem post about it, you never hear from the large majority for which everything is okay. The screen is very bright and has an incredible pixel density of 340 ppi, an iPhone 5 has 326 ppi. For around 250 euro, this device is one of the best you can get.
  6. Hmm, I tried it with the custom kernel for jb (dmd_boot) and that didn't work either. I'm now downloading the link you posted a few posts before...
  7. No, this can't be it, I'm currently running cirrus rom at 1890 without problems.
  8. I have the same problem. I then compiled it myself, but I couldn't even get past the white acer logo. :( Is this the correct local_manifests.xml? <manifest> <project path="device/acer/swing" name="Vachounette/acer_s500_cm10_device_tree" revision="master" /> <project path="vendor/acer/swing" name="Vachounette/acer_s500_cm10_vendor" revision="master" /> <project path="kernel/acer/swing" name="Vachounette/kernel_s500_cm10" revision="master" /> <project path="device/acer/swing/ramdisk" name="Vachounette/acer_s500_Cm10_ramdisk" revision="master" /> </manifest> or should the paths be different?
  9. BrtH

    S500 Signal Problem

    Have you tried to solve it in the the network settings? Go to 'more' beneath data usage, and then 'mobile networks'. Switch the network mode between 2g and 3g and experiment with the settings in 'network operator'. If that fails too, send it in to Acer for repair, the warranty should cover it.
  10. Today I stumbled upon this page: http://acercloudmobile.blogspot.ro/p/unbrickresoftare.html It should be a method to remove a hard brick, I wish that I had known this five weeks ago, so I didn't have to send it in to Acer which took four weeks to repair my hard brick. :( Anyway, in the first steps, it looks like they are doing something with the bootloader. Could this also be a way to unlock the bootloader, so that we can use a custom kernel and the recovery with the official rom? Is there someone who knows romanian who could tell me what they do, if it works and if there is a way to apply it to do fancy things with the bootloader, or other fancy stuff with our device?
  11. BrtH

    [KERNEL] Patched JB Kernel v2

    I uploaded the file which I suspect it is here. I hope it is the right one, because my folder is a bit unorganized.
  12. BrtH

    Hard Brick, any hope?

    Yes, I know that, I said that in my post. But these methods are all for one specific device, and not for this one.
  13. Today I reflashed my phone with the unofficial JB update, but it has given me a big problem. After I flashed the update I also flashed the custom kernel and the CWM recovery. But after I turned my phone off, it now won't turn on again. I charged the battery, so that's not the problem. If I connect the phone to my computer, device management says that the name of the device is QHSUSB_DLOAD, and that it can't find drivers for it. I've searched around a bit already, but all that I can find, is that it's a hard brick and that there's only a recovery for some HTC devices. And of course, I've also tried holding various buttons while trying to boot. Is there any way that this is repairable, because I'm really not happy to send it in under the warranty, because I don't want to lose my phone for weeks, and I don't know if they'll be willing to repair it for free if they find out about flashing the unofficial rom and kernel.
  14. BrtH

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    Yes, there is actually. Load the CWM recovery with fastboot and choose adb sideload. Then follow the instructions and use adb on your computer to load the update.

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