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  1. yes i installed the apk then i go to link2sd and link it to the 2.05 gb partition but where do i put the game files so i can run the game like normally you will install apk and copy the cache files to Android/Data but there is no Android /Data thats what im saying so do i make Android /data folder my self ? im confused
  2. i want to install gangstar rio city which is about 2gb and when install the apk and i move it to the 2.05 gb partition there is no place where i can place the data like there is no Android/ data or Android / Obb hope you understand
  3. Hey , Guys you know the 2.05 Gb partition in the G300 how do install apps on it ? it doesnt have Android / Data , Obb when i install Link2int please help :D i have a 2gb sd card which is useless
  4. I officially have the shitest twitter hahah can't be bothered to follow people lol I think I will stick with FB


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