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  1. intasar

    CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    just reflash your phone with KDZ Updater using stock firmware http://www.hackmyandroid.com/how-unbrick-optimus-android-phone/1980
  2. no not returning to stock rom..i mean if i want to just format phone should i just wipe data and dalvik cache and reboot phone ? i want to be on this sdmerge stock rom just want to format phone
  3. if i have to format my phone how should i format it ? do i have to go in cwm and do wipe data n cache ?
  4. ive installed this sdmerge and its working fine :) but sir gellmar can u please bring the default file manager ?
  5. intasar

    [HELP] Regarding SDMerge !

    thanks alot sir one more question is the superuser app working and any problems after flashing this sdmerge ?
  6. intasar

    [HELP] Regarding SDMerge !

    i read all the posts regarding SDMerge and there are many links of SDMerge..can anyone post the fully working link of it ? it will be good if you post the stock rom sdmerge please..
  7. intasar


    since no one is here to help i found the solution to my self :)
  8. intasar

    LG Firmware

    try this http://www.modaco.com/topic/355799-tut-lg-l3-cw-recovery-bootloop-fix/
  9. intasar

    LG E400 stock roms

    nothing worked for me i dont know why..i tried all methods :/ now i got the rooted S version happy with it :)
  10. ok thanks and i edited my post with your instructions :)
  11. intasar

    No backlight keys (CustomROM)

    ok..ur wish..i just shared my experiences
  12. Latest Stock Rom for LG OPTIMUS L3 v10s [Rooted] [Deodexed] [Zipaligned] tested by myself working perfectly :) link http://www.fileswap....ligned.zip.html Credit to the respective owner, I just shared :) Installation 1. Download the zip file and put in your phone 3. Backup as necessary (from CWM, titanium backup, etc.) -- don't blame me if you lose anything after installing this 3. Enter CMW recovery. Its is recommended to do full wipe (wipe data + cache + dalvik cache) before install this. 4. Install from zip and choose the downloaded file. 5. Reboot after flashing finished. First boot will take awhile so just be patient.
  13. intasar

    No backlight keys (CustomROM)

    in my opinion CM9 is not good..there are many bugs in it and many options missing..I had this few days back i reverted back to stock rom
  14. intasar

    LG E400 kernel source

    same here..had to reflash stock rom using KDZ

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