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  1. here is the link : http://www.modaco.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=85728
  2. mine camera before flash with cm10 camera fix zip the camera force close.... why this rom is little laggy? and where is the overclock setting? didnt seems to have it
  3. i already tested on zte acqua work good a little lagy..... the only thing that is broken is the camera that you can fix with the cm10 camera fix zip... and that's it......
  4. so the internal memory support throught usb was quit? there's no internal memory support on this new release?thanks in advance
  5. this update take out the internal stourage support?
  6. can someone explain how to take back some RAM from android device??? hows is that possible???
  7. Any news about the bluetooth if already anyone fix it??
  8. yes it work on my house the wifi did connect to the router it was throught wps
  9. I already get into that fix and it worked pretty good... but i already find moore issues with sim card contact reading and sms you can't open then.... the wifi worked pretty well... the diference between blade 3 and acqua are too much???? And good job you are a good develepor thanks again.... :)
  10. if we copy the lib files from buletooth solves the issue with bluetooth( i use this question based on the solve issue of the flash of camera)???( sorry insist on this i wanna help)
  11. simple boot in to recovery full wipe and factory reset and format /system and install zip from sdcard and select the file and flash it and after wipe dalvik cache... and voi la reboot and enjoy your new rom
  12. the change for fixing bluetooth is on build.prop or it's other files=??
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