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  1. i had this phone more than a year,the phone start to turn off with no reason the battery is pretty bad only last 3-4 hours,after it turn off i can switch back on the battery still show 60% on it ,some time it turn off again straight away,some time after a little while.still have around 70 pound credit from orange dont think this phone can sell on ebay for any money,is factory reset gonna help? or this phone is dead? please help!
  2. mate i cant even use that aio tool cuz my abdb inscure app wont let me tick the box just closed in half sec,all i want to do is ask tmobile(i bought this phone from tmobile)to repair it cuz i still have around 85 pound in that payasugo account(orange payasugo),so i need this phone working a little bit longer ...is it if i cant tick box from abdb inscure app then i cant even reroot or reflash the room? thanks man!!pls let me know
  3. power button broken had to press really hard to make it works ,i want to take it back to orange shop for repair,but im on xolo room and logo atm .try to use aio tool to change logo ,cant even make first step right which is tick the box of adbd insecure,every time i click that app it flash out leave me no time to tick anything,if i use this xolo room the orange or tomile and EE shop wont accpet for the repaired right?so please someone tell me what is going on with my phone!!
  4. phone is ok bought from tmobile 9 month ago power button died, useing xolo room atm what should i do now to fix this problem , can tmobile exchange for me ?or is there another way to fix this.pls help,and how can i change it back to what it origenal orange look(room),factory reset?
  5. how do u get that lenovo a820 that phone sound nice?u got a link?from outside uk?delivery time?
  6. is it y300 that bad ,is it realy lagging,i know it is lagging on hd movies ,but how is web browser and apps with 512ram
  7. yea,i know thats why its so cheap right. if i can find one whould you think orange san diego is the choice
  8. i bought a orange san diego 6 month ago, happy with the phone at 70 pound with 60 pound top up,but hate the lock system no upgrade ,some game apps cant use,and orange had the worth payasugo deal around,other than that im happy with the phone fast enought for daily use. now need another phone for mrs orange san diego -50 +10 pound or nokia lumia 520 -80 pound or huawei y300 -70pound. please help me choice!!!!
  9. thanks for info they r great phone but are they lagging?512mb memory is it enough?how is the screen?update to andriod 4.2?is it locked?
  10. did nt get lucky for 49.99 osd its off the website now saw this huawei y300 at the mainsite sounds good for 50 has any one come cross to this phone ? i belive it will not as fast as osd but as long it not too lag then i think i might going to get one ?any comments?or some good phone under 100 pound?
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