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  1. Heading to the US in January, and wanted to ask if anyone knew if ATT still have data packages on there prepaid cards?
  2. I just downloaded the latest software from zune.net and it works without any trouble at all.
  3. Did you download the latest build from zune website? I did that and it works without any trouble for me on vista.
  4. I got 40 percent of at the flatrate subscription here in Sweden :D Instead of paying the usual 599 SEK, I pay 359 SEK :D
  5. It's locally based. Think it's based somewhere farther up the country, im in Gothenburg. Everytime I had to call in i've always had a swedish person at other end of the line. Plus I got a great deal with them :D
  6. Is 3 really that bad in the UK? Here in Sweden i've got no problems with them. They are actually better then some of the other operators around here.
  7. I would recommend taking a look over here http://www.novatelwireless.com/index.php?o...=2&Itemid=9 to see if they have something that will suit you.
  8. As it is right now im using the following while im here in the US on vacation: HP Pavilion Dv6275ea (though not working so well) Microsoft Zune 80GB Ultimate Ears Super .fi 5 pro HP IPAQ 910 Nokia N95 8GB HTC Advantage Nikon Coolpix s210
  9. I could take some when I come home (don't have acess to the phone currently). Is there any specific pictures you want?
  10. Cool tech. Im currently thinking on what to bring when I head to the US this summer. Ouch not fun that the phone has died. Is it the battery or? Can't you get HP to send you a new one? Also do you know in which countries 3 has their own networks?
  11. BTW Paul: I wanted to ask what tech did you bring with you? :D
  12. Awesome. Perfect knowing. Especially since I just switched to 3 fully here in Sweden. Got an awesome deal on flatrate text and talk for 40 US Dollar a month. A mohahahhah :D
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