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  1. I am using a ZTE/Vodafone v945, gsm arena says it is with front cam but i have no idea how to enable it since it does not shows a video call option in dialer as well as it does not work with skype. i am using 2.3.7 rom. it was with eclair and eclair rom had same inactive step. http://www.gsmarena.com/vodafone_945-3533.php i have seen in some other forums, they say , it can be modified, but still could not find a practical solution.??? :wacko: and another problem is , the cam with v945, its picture quality is null. all the photos captured in dark, although try to adjust camera options, but issue remains the same. i am Surprise about this matter since it is in the market with 5 mpxl camera.Nokia 6120 is with a cam 3.2mpx and its picture quality is great compare to 5mpxl v945 camera. any solution ? :ph34r: any help :(

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