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  1. pwede na rin bang magtanong dito,paano ba magconvert ng vcd movies para mailagay sa sap ko. may app ba na ganoon
  2. pwede rin sa villman, twinmos at PQI ang brand na pwede pagpilian 2,400 din bili ko.
  3. Joven Branch Manager - Computer Shop C Male Billiards, basketball, computer, at marami pang iba it's cool and the resolution is superb qc ;)
  4. you only need the winhex so you can copy the bootloader.98 to a sd/mmc card through the use of card reader. You need the full version of winhex otherwise you cannot save the bootloader to SD/MMC card. After that you need to downgrade the smart rom 1.5 to 1.37/qtek rom. You need to run the SPVunlock in a windows XP pc.
  5. dapat makita na yon. sa akin nakikita kaagad yung mga tone na inilalagay ko sa sd/mmc card. baka naman d wav files yon.
  6. here na yung andrew e na tone... ;) :D :lol: alabang.zip
  7. OK ang SAP, once you have it you will surely like it. before i almost buy the t610 because of the looks but its ability to do task and expandability is very limited unlike the SAP. So go for it buy na the SAP...
  8. may eb ba kayo mamaya wrong timing na naman may bday kaming pupuntahan. last time don kay grifter d rin ako umabot cguro better luck next time. chibako next time tawagan mo naman ako. pero pag dito nalang cguro sa qc
  9. i have a brand new panasonic 16mb sd card for 800, anybody who wants to buy?
  10. i also have the same experience with you guys, i downgrade to .98 and sap 1.37 and after that i boot up and get stuck to smart amazing logo i tried hard reset and same thing happens. i run the qtek upgrade and i boot up successfully and promted me the unlocked code and here i am i have an unlocked sap, you should try to run the spv unlock first before running the smart 1.37 then upgrade to qtek and the lock code will prompt you and your going to have an unlocked sap after that
  11. i'm using alabang girls right now, i also have quickie post it later dko pa makita yung usb memory ko.
  12. pwede po bang sumama sa next eb nyo.
  13. me i just finish upgrading my phone to qtek last tuesday and i can attest to it that its a little bit faster and my battery life improves.
  14. i came across modaco through some of our customer who owns a SAP and is buying an SD/MMC card, before i have a demo unit of SAP but now i buy my own unit. And scan on every thread to know something about the power of SAP. ;)
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