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  1. There are many ways to unlock a phone like using online tools,software,unlock codes etc;of which using unlock codes is the safest one.You can get the unlock code for your Blackberry 8120 from unBBlock.com and remove the restriction.You need to specify the country and locked network to get the unlock code.they alos provide free unlock instructions long with the unlock code.
  2. I was not able to get free unlock code for the mobile model that you have specified.You can get the unlock code at low cost fom unBBlock.com for your Blackberry 8100 Pearl and remove the network lock.You need to specify the country and network to which the mobile is locked to.they provide free unlock instructions along with the unlock code.
  3. I don't think you will get free unlocking service for new models like Huawei U8160, rather I will suggest a cheap unlocking service provider whose service starts from $11.30 US Dollars.You can get unlock code from ADVERTING SPAM.com to unlock your Huawei U8160.
  4. I am using this forum..and till now did not have any prob... :) or advertisement.
  5. I doubt whether the phone will retain its unlock once a flashing is done.For iPhone once we update the unlock state goes back to the locked state.
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    Hi everyone I am new to this forum and juz peeped in to say a Hi..........
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