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  1. Can someone reupload this please?
  2. When i want to activate it from settings it goes this colour:http://imgur.com/1oUxCnM and then does not activate so that i select a network. http://imgur.com/D6i6rMR Also it cannot activate from the widget. http://imgur.com/1ukq7Vs
  3. For a month of nightlies updates it seems that my wifi cannot activate. Can someone give me a hint as to what's happening here?
  4. Get up to 50GB of free space @MediaFire for all your photos, videos, docs, and music. http://t.co/RFTdmcqyQH

  5. http://t.co/nwEYsgfIXV гдз по географии тетрадь карты 6 класс фгос домогацких http://t.co/nwEYsgfIXV
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  9. http://t.co/YISvCcG3XK гдз литературное чтение рабочая тетрадь 2 класс бойкина виноградская ответы http://t.co/YISvCcG3XK
  10. http://t.co/EsFfMu0fFL олимпиада школьников 2013 2014 уч г по физической культуре http://t.co/EsFfMu0fFL
  11. http://t.co/DKBLAYkdVN конспект занятия казахский орнамент http://t.co/DKBLAYkdVN
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  13. http://t.co/dD3G47VNqT информатика 6 класс босова рабочая тетрадь ответы фгос параграф 5 http://t.co/dD3G47VNqT

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