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  1. I'm on a visit to Amsterdam for a week and my Huawei G300 died , seems to be a motherboard If anyone is in Amsterdam and interested in selling an android phone for a good price , please send me a message in this forum I don't require high specs ( unless a good deal ) but a screen size of 3.5" or more is preferable Let me know Thanks
  2. Left it for hours on charger without battery, nothing happened This is the second time the motherboard dies, it died once and was replaced by service ! Is this a common issue with Huawei G300, or Huawei phones in general ?
  3. Nothing changed, was charging, left the room for a while , came back found it dead
  4. Was charging my phone using the USB from the laptop It was charging fine, I was using it, and the led light was showing it's charging Went to do something, when I came back the phone's led was off, screen was black, wouldn't come up , and the power button does nothing I've tried taking out the sim card, the SD card, plugging the phone into a charger with and without batter, nothing works Any idea what happened to the phone ?
  5. Actually I have both BEATS boost and BEATS Equalizer disabled Could this to be causing the effect ? I've set it to Bass reducer , it sounds better, but still not as normal as lightning ROM was ( if I remember correctly )
  6. Is it just me, or the speaker sound in this rom sounds distorted ( as if it too loud / bass is too high for the speaker's capabilities )
  7. If I remember correctly the stock rom had the option to vibrate when you place a call and the person you're calling answers the call. Is there's a way I can add it, does anyone know of an app that would do so?
  8. How much free memory do you usually have with 5.5 ? I'm seem to have around 50-70MB most of the time, while not many extra applications are running ( usually just Facebook, viber and whatsapp) does this seem normal?
  9. I've been using 5.5 since it came out, much better and quite rare FC's With 4.5 and 5.0 I was considering going back to stock or CM , but now this seems like a fine ROM for me Thanks for your help and the great work
  10. Is anyone getting ring tone breakup with V5 ? Ring tone still breaking up when ringing after flashing the rom
  11. I used to get force closes with V4 , I found out if I go to manage apps and choose this application and do clear data and clear cache , the application works fine afterward
  12. I'm using CWM, not the latest but recent enough After the restore and a reboot or two, I did a complete wipe ( including cache and dalvik ) flashed V5 again, this time it took much longer to install ( which seemed as the reasonable time for this file size, previously it would flash in seconds ) , rebooted in the lightning flash logo and seems to work ok now Strange that it didn't install from first time though
  13. Downloaded V5 and did a complete wipe ( including cache and dalvik ) flashed V5 and phone stops at Huawei logo Flashed V4 , same thing luckily I had made CW backup, restored it and back to business, but I guess I'm having something wrong
  14. What's on page 1 is the whole ROM ( 184MB ), I meant the update only, which is usually much smaller

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