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  1. Hey Paul, The Amazon Appstore and SlideMe apps are not installed into the ROM when selected. Thanks, Rifraf
  2. Awesome!! Thanks! I knew it had to have been something simple. Rifraf
  3. Hi Paul, Is there no recovery boot option in the power menu in this ROM? Yes, I know I can still Power + volume up/down to get to recovery... It's just a nice-to-have feature in the power menu. :) Thanks, Rifraf
  4. Hi Paul, The ROM looks good except that it looks like the browser option in the kitchen isn't working... Browser.apk is not installed as part of JR4. Or did I miss something? Please advise. Thanks, Rifraf
  5. Ok, it's working... The timing to press the buttons is a little bit more sensitive on the tablet than on my phone (EVO 4G LTE). I think I was just pressing the volume button a little too out of sync from the power button. Anyway. n00b mistake on my part. Thanks, Rifraf
  6. Hi all, I have a really basic, stupid question about this ROM... How do you take a screenshot? I've tried power + volume down numerous times, but it's not working. Was this functionality removed from this ROM? Thanks, Rifraf

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