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  1. gpsforless seem to sell nice looking one. spotted a couple of posts on the xda forums on the subject as well.
  2. Afternoon all you lucky HD owners! Does anyone have one of these holders and could you post a picture of the phone in the holder please? I am dithering on whether or not I should get one. I am currently using my old Trinity holder which is very snug but when you pull the phone out it removes the stylus and drops on the floor! I've tried using anther old holder, much like the HR Gripper, one I got with the Hurricane, but just doent feel sturdy enough. Much thanks in advacne!
  3. See below for possible solutions :) http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=herbert+richter%2Bomnia
  4. Been playing around with this tonight, with my Motorola S9's :D . When you pair the devices 'uncheck' Hands Free in the Partnership Settings, found in the Advanced Settings. This enables both wireless stereo and hands free. If you have hands free checked it will not pair the headphones. I havent tried it the other way round. Dont fix it if it aint broken... :)
  5. Herbert Richter holders are the way forward!
  6. Have you tried Googling it in Google Maps? Or if you have TomTom, or similar, you can download a point of interest that shows the wifi locations.
  7. Its the one that came in the box. Yeah, I've tried that. It did help to begin with but it's still a bit...aahh well I'll keep on at it :)
  8. Hi all, I got my shiny new HD last week :D . I was very careful putting the screen protector on using all the correct procedures and atmospheric conditions, near clinical! But now, it seems no where near as responsive as I feel it should. I havent tried it without the screen protector and quite often requires two pushes to get it to respond. The scroll bar on the side in the Programs Menu is worse than my Trinity, using my finger. Compared to my g/friends iPod it seems like the poor cousin. Am I just expecting to much? Is anyone else having this problem??? :)
  9. :D I changed this as well last week, Thursday, when i upgraded. I was told it was a promotion 500mb for £5.00 a month and this could be taken off and added back on at anytime during the contract. We'll wait and see about that one :)
  10. Does your bank provide free insurance on your phone? I think most of them do depending on what type of current account you have. Barclays provide this service but trying to make a claim is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone! :) £6 a month doesnt seem too bad, especially when you get a phone the next day and for £15 ''administration'' fee....? I think T-Mob charge £25 for their ''admin'' fee, not sure about the others... Your damned if you do, and damned if you don't :D
  11. Got mine coming tommorrow! Long and short...offered FREE HD, £50 credited to Orange a/c, on Racoon 25 (WEB???)@£15x18months; 300mins & 100txts & £5month Unlimited ((can remove and add for duration of contract)) ( :) ) browsing...and kept my £5 Orange Care. Also, took off my itemised billing as I can check my account online. (inc. VAT £28.75, saving £23.25 on my regular monthly bill :P :( Trying to track my order and I get some other blokes, ''Steve'', order from July 2008 ;) ?!? Ahh well.. I got 7 days to change my mind :D EDIT-received [email protected] tracking took ages to update but it finally did friday morning. There will be a list of other deliveries with the same code as yours but have different ref. numbers. Just click your post-code. And there was me thinking Orange have failed again :)
  12. Since the phone is fairly old, but still a fantastic one at that, has anyone tried a call to their mobile phone operator and asked them to unlock the phone for them??? Ive read somewhere it can be done by most operators for a fairly reasonable price. :rolleyes:
  13. I found these on another site but the date was posted circa 2004?!?! Freephone 0800 079 2288 Customer Relations Freephone 0800 079 2222 Registrations Freephone 0800 376 2285 Orange number porting Freephone 0800 079 1050 Network faults Freephone 0800 079 8081 Just Talk registration Information Line Freephone 0800 079 0006 Just Talk registration Freephone 0800 079 7979 Just Talk registration Does anyone know if they still work? Thanks in advance
  14. It worked! By the Beard of Zeus! It took some time trying to get the phone into bootloader AND recognised by the installer :D . Ended up having to reinstall the Samsung Modem drivers once I had read the instructions properly :wacko: . After everything had installed I tried my Orange SIM and it worked! :( ;) Sorry for the delay in posting results, we got there in the end! ;) EDIT - So after rolling back to WM5, it now seems Ive lost all the mobile goodiness of Excel and Word. I wouldnt be bothered if i didnt use them but seeing as I do I guess its trade off between a phone I cant use or not working out of office...meh? You have been warned!
  15. Thanks for the link MS, will have to try it after the weekend due to relationship commitments :D Will try and post results back as soon as I have downgraded.
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