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  1. PhilippeRaimo

    What The ....?(Recovery Problem?)

    I followed your advice and reinstalled windows even I had a format 3 weeks ago and I found what the problem is.. There is no problem with the S500 at all. I have 3 USB 2.0 ports dead on my MB (dont know the reason yet) and the rest are in "almost working" state -even the USB 3.0- Thats why i was not able to do nothing. I found it out when I put a flash drive and it gave me an error (after formatting cause before it showed everything 100% working) I think Acer Toolkit was showing "no device" or crashing for that reason.. Anyway I saw that the only port that's still alive is one front panel USB 3.0 port and everything works just fine even the Acer Toolkit. Installed RECA and WOW! Thanks for your respondings! p.s. I need a new MB.. :mellow:
  2. PhilippeRaimo

    What The ....?(Recovery Problem?)

    Thanks for replying guys! Acer Tool is not working for me.. It never has. (I use adb by opening the file that contains it in command..) I've tried to use TWRP too with no success and RECA ROM will not install through stock recovery. I've changed every single one of my 16 USB 2.0 ports of my system and still nothing.. For now I give up.. I'll try again in a couple of days or so.. Thanks again..
  3. PhilippeRaimo

    What The ....?(Recovery Problem?)

    So, Stock rooted JB 4.1.2 with Kernel patch from zelea2. Using Xposed with Gravity Box and other stuff. 2 days ago my cousin was exploring in my rooted system and he erased some system apks causing some serious problems. (almost got a stroke that momment..) I installed again the 4.1.2 zip from the beginig and here is where the problem starts.. I want to put again SU and pach and I cant get by adb reboot bootloader. My phone boots in fastboot and that's it. When I use the fastboot command it does nothing. When I try to reinstall the 4.1.2 from recovery it says the common "partitition unidentified" problem.. I cannot even flash via the Acer_DL_Tool, it always fails! And I ask, what the actually f*** happened? :blink: Is there any way that the recovery (stock) has some issues? It boots in without a problem.. All of my PC drivers are checked and are correct (Win 7 Ult x64) I have unlocked bootloader. I don't have much patience.. :angry: P.S. NEVER give your rooted phone to a 13 year old... :mellow:
  4. PhilippeRaimo

    is everyone buying a new phone or so ?

    Well one way is to put a black wallpaper and be in a dark room. When you switch on the screen and if you have dead pixels, you will see something like tiny dust but with different colours. It starts to show from the bottom right (where the soft button is) and keeps going up.. Mine has also in the middle of the screen..
  5. PhilippeRaimo

    is everyone buying a new phone or so ?

    Well I am dissapointed from Acer about this device.. My first bricked for no reason and the one I have now is full of dead pixels.. I'm not sure if I want to send it for replacement..
  6. My friend sorry but I have already changed to stock JB.. I'm using much calls and sms in my work these days and I could not have a non functional phone.. I will gladly retest the rom with full logcats if I find another device that I can use in work!
  7. 2 days now it keeps crashing after a call ends and I'm confused.. :unsure: Also I cannot send message now but I receive ok.. None of my apps has been updated for 4-5 days now so its not a problem from there.. The only thing changed is the navbar thickness but even after factory reset it keeps crashing. I use much calls and messages so I will go back to stock or maybe cirrus I don't know.. I like this ROM a lot but I cannot use my phone for now.. :(
  8. Everything good! Boot TWRP and install.. Except the navbar that sometimes disappears (mostly after unlocking) everything else works good! So many settings that I'm confused! :D I like it a lot! Very nice ROM guys! Keep up the good work!
  9. Well I cannot flash TWRP and I don't know why.. (must find solution) I have managed though to boot into TWRP and try to install now.. We will see...
  10. Can somebody tell me why it keeps crashing and wont let me install the rom? I have the official update 100% stock.. Boot to recovery and make factory reset: OK Install update from sd-card: Unable It shows a message: check.partition.size=[__PROP_UNDEFINED__] :( The divice is unlocked...
  11. PhilippeRaimo

    Help at unroot

    My friend the only thing you can do is to flash the stock ICS or JB.
  12. PhilippeRaimo

    Help at unroot

    Why don't you flash the original JB? Even if you unroot it, it has the leaked JB version installed and it is not legal anyway..
  13. I think the problem has to do something with your router and not with the devices.. Does it happen in only one wifi network or it happens always? Open your router page via your browser and try to make a manual connection with each phone at a time.. Maybe some settings that need to be changed on your router so it can recognize each phone as different device.
  14. PhilippeRaimo

    Hard Brick, any hope?

    Mine had the exact same thing.. I powered it off and it never came back to life when trying to turn on with the battery about 15%. It does not matter if you find drivers for QHSUSB_DLOAD, the phone is bricked and there is nothing you can do. Just send it for replacement under warranty. That's what everybody else with the same problem did.
  15. PhilippeRaimo

    [LEAK] JellyBean 1.063.00 WW_GEN1

    The only problem-bug I found is that the clock-weather widget does not work.. Well I think it is a bug because I have disabled many apps I don't use and I'm trying to find if there's any connection with any of them..

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