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  1. Where is my warning points :(

  2. no warning points??

  3. as always PAC's functionality is wonderful :)
  4. nobody008

    RAM Expand

    For me greenify solves all my ram and lag problems :)
  5. Use Super Backup or Helium Haven't had any problems with Super backup used it for about 1 year now, but I haven't really used helium much.
  6. haha that happened to me I couln't update touchpal keyboard despite having 300 mb free space of internal storage and 500 mb free on 16gb sd card. But I love the redesign, also less laggy for me personally.
  7. I've noticed reboots too. These usually occur when I have MX player on with a video and then lock the screen. Does anyone else have this problem? I made sure that it's MX player. just wondering.
  8. nobody008

    RAM Expand

    Apparently it can brick the device. Does anyone know more about this?
  9. Personally I flash the rom instead of using OTA to prevent any unknown problems. But I guess that shouldn't be a sufficient enough reason to say that "OTA is buggy." my bad
  10. Just a recommendation I guess.... but I guess you don't really need it desperately in any rom. But it would be cool to include "common unit's" conversion in calculator app.
  11. OTA update is a bit buggy. So flash the version you want from the First post
  12. nobody008

    [ROM][JB] CM10 by Joestone

    anything new from joestone?

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