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  1. So we will not have slimbean 4.3 in ours g300 ? Thank you for all your work in this rom
  2. the "battery improvement" from the test build is in R18 ? and i don't have any sound with this version, no notification neither ringtone sounds Thanks
  3. games like linerunner and jetpack joyride are too slow in this rom
  4. For me is all working good, the volume in call is ok and loudspeaker works in call
  5. the battery duration is amazing, 2 days and still have 26% thanks for your work
  6. i think that you have to install a new launcher to do that
  7. How can i put some new ringtones and notifications sounds in this rom?
  8. I think it's this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xm8erqecb37cfk2/2013-06-02-21-26-33.txt
  9. when I try to resize the widgets i get trebuchet FC'S, and the iphone style don't work properly because i plug the cable and icon is full but if i unplug the cable i only have 91 percent of battery
  10. When I'm going to download the rom wich cm10.1 nightly I choose?
  11. yes i know but the cell phone starts and then restarts instantaneously
  12. when I install everything goes well the problem is that after, don't pass the boot image
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