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  1. Many thanks my friend ! I have no idea where you took that diagram from I've been looking for one for quite a while. <3
  2. Just make sure you can get your hands on it and test everything first. Or ask the seller to make a video. Screen rotation, cameras, flash, wifi speakers, headphones.. etc
  3. That is also a very good idea. You can look for another phone as well but well the s500 is a sexy one :D best of luck man
  4. Go on mercador, put filter between 300 and 400 ron and you ll find plenty. Make sure you talk to some guys first, see you seems nicer.
  5. Sorry A27. I said that he could find a toast motherboard second hand phone for about 100$ and take the touch. He said he has a hard time finding one. You are right man, most of them with the display ok are about 350 Ron. It looks like it will be a bit more expensive...
  6. Lol you ever heard of Romania ? Insurance :)) ? No way
  7. Intreaba l de bani si sunt pe net cam cu 250 de lei aceruri cu placa prajita. Iei unu cu display intact si faci schimbul. Mercador si tocmai. Success.
  8. can you guys tell me where exactly the accelerometer is on the motherboard ? Idk if i still have the warranty, i m orange romania and have it for over 1 year now. A SH motherboard i don t think is a good idea either and it s pretty expensive. So you guys have any idea where the accelerometer is ? Also ... the gyroscope and magnetic field work perfectly fine, so since the magnetic field indicates different values for each position, how come the screen can t turn according to those values ? This is kinda dumb...
  9. from where did you copy the file ? I don't have it on the archive either. I have the same problem
  10. I managed to update to the 4.1.2 version with the PC installer, I just needed the right version of the firmware and most of the links were down, but I finally found one.
  11. So I have the 4.0.4 ICS. I don't know all the terms like CFW and NAND and blahblah and I don't really have the time to read 300 pages of replies... I want to update to the 4.1.2 or 4.2 JB I did root the phone on 4.0.4, but it was a semi successful root, as superuser and overclocking worked fine, but things such as "change the extension of system files" would not work. I now get the "This device is not allowed to update" error when I try the official airborne update. I also need the WIFI G3 and GPS. What can I do ? I tried to flash the zip files from SD but I constantly get the ro.product.device error. Most links people are refering to are dead. How do I flash a firmware ? Can't I just flash the official JB firmware ? How do I unroot my phone so that I can make the official update ? Please help
  12. Hi guys. I've rooted my Acer S500 from this link ( RO ) http:// forum.lab501. ro/showthread.php?t=8464 Whatever it was about 2 months ago. Problem is now I want to access some sound files in System folder and I can't CHMOD to 777. File permissions are just unchangable. Root Checker said I'm rooted properly. I tried many software ( rootexplorer, ex, yaffs ) none could change. I tried Terminal Emulator, adb shell = error device not found, adb remount = same I don't know how to run from CMD while in recovery usb mode, couse I couldn't find a proper code on the web. If there was something above ( I read the whole thread ) and I missed it or didn't figure it out, I'm sorry :D Please point me to the right direction ? Thanks
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