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  1. Well i know, that Go-sms is really good, i was using it 3 years on my galaxy i5700. But there is a lot of theme-ads/program notifications ("Instal our great Go-Launcher!!") etc.This is annoying -_- That's why i'd like to use the stock one. Anyway thanks for answers. I just thought that maybe there is more people with the same problem and someone has found solution:)
  2. Hi, im using cm10.1 at huawei g300 and im missing some feature in stock sms app - maybe it's strange, but i really like it, it's simple and has almost all features which i need. Almost. I have problem with sending sms to a group, i have to write concacts separately, and there is no other way to do this. Here is screen from other (also stock?) sms apk: http://i794.photobuc...11-01141701.png and there is a "people" button, after click u can choose from your contacts more than one person. In my phone it look's like at attached screenshoot - im missing button in place which is marked with red almost-circle. So is it possible to get that "people" button? Something in settings or maybe modded app? I couldn't find anything. And the reason why i don't have that button atm - it's because of CM rom or just google has removed it or...? Thanks in advance for answers ("Install Go-sms/chomp/handcent." is not the answer - i know that way:>) Sorry for my english:P And sorry, if wrong section.
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