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  1. Guys do I also need to install the gapps package ? I can't remember. If so what Gapps, the one found on the cyanogen website for their current version since this is a cyanogen ROM ? thanks.
  2. Guys, sorry for the dumb question but what exactly is the RC 1 or RC 2...i guess a release candidate ? Is this based on Cyanogen's release candidates or does Modaco uses its own system ? Also is the current kitchen release fairly stable ? I've not updated for a couple of months because I had the luck of getting a really nice running release back then. thanks.
  3. Couple more questions. 1) What exactly is the difference between the normal gallery and the cyanogen galllery, i've read in the description that it is an "offline" gallery, not sure what that is ? Is this the reason I also have 2 Camera apps as well as 2 galleries ? They seem to be identical 2) What is your policy on updates ? Do I have to wipe data too or can I do only cache and Dalvik ? 3) Since all Google apps are installed in /system I assume I don't have to select them again in the kitchen when installing an update since they will still be there albeit without the updates that a new version would include and also if I were to flash to another ROM without the Gapps, I could skip the additional step of installing them separately ? This is of course if I don't format /system too.
  4. what exactly should appear ? If I recall correctly it asked me if I want to check my phone for contact that should be in facebook, I clicked, but it just gave me a huge list which had nothing to do with the friend list on facebook. Am I getting this wrong ? As I've said I just want it to show the contact photos.
  5. Hello, Was looking for a ROM for my Nexus and stumbled upon your build on XDA and after reading what it does I became a member here :). I've just installed it and it is nice but for the life of me I cannot make that Facebook sync to work. I don't really care about it I just want to make the contact photos appear. How should I turn it on ? Thanks, Mike
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