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  1. Hi, i´ve tested CM11.0 on my Blade after 1 year with "native" CM 7. CM 11 was very stable - and all functions (eg. BT) worked... Speed was better than CM 10. But after 1 week i decided to go back to CM 7. Main reason was the battery drain. Now i had installed CM 7 micro. I was faszinated about the speed - also compared to "native" CM7. Perhaps it is the FTL-Launcher... When you only own a 256 MB Blade - do not try CM11 - you will only disappointed. But on this way: gratulations to Zeelog for his great work. But with kitkat we see clearly, that the good old Blade ist not engineered für Android > 4.0... Greetz P.
  2. ds-driver


    High, my solution for all non s2e-compatible roms was the so called cronmod script - it works without any problems also on s2e compatible roms... see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1716124 greetings P.
  3. confirm with this !!! Tried also the same ROMS, but after some days the system went tooo slow. Also the usage of the cpu (see cpu spy) is very high on CM10... After my opinion, 512 MB is to low for Roms > 4.04.... With the btfix also BT works (mostly) with this CM9. One mistake found in the lockscreen: yahoo has changed their weather data interface - is there any hope to get the weather service working on lockscreen in the next release ? Thanks for this great ROM... greetings P.
  4. High, i tried to installed different ROM on my Blade 2.GEN, but on most ROMs i have big problems with Bluetooth. Mostly it is only possible for me, to activate BT once after rebooting. When switching BT off, there is no chance to switch it on later - without rebooting.... I tried CM7.2 - using the socalled BTFIX and BT works. Lewa-Rom - BT works perfect CM 9, CM 10 the same problem. But BTFIX doesn´t work. CM 10.1 BT works without problems... But due to perfomance issues, i want to try an Android < 4.2... Stockrom - don´t know, because i have deleted it on first day :-)... Does no on here has similar problem ? Thanks for help Greetings P
  5. High zeelog, this is the first ROM > 7.2 for my Blade in which all functions are given. The PAC-Idea is great... Even BT is okay - on my Blade nearly all ROM are not capable to switch on BT for more than one try - i am fully surprised at the moment. Using ADW-Launcher EX all is very smooth - knowing this is not the smoothest launcher... Instead of s2e i used the simplier int2ext4 script for my 1,5 GB SD-Partition. At the moment my roundabout 150 Apps used nearly 1GB of this with no problems. Especially the ROM is smooth with this high number of apps. Other CM10.1 was inacceptable slow for me... What have you done ? It is nearly perfect !!! Also Benchmarks are awesome - Antutu 2250 - wow... Only found small error until now: the clock-widget doesn´t get data for weather :-).... And regarding battery drain of my hundred apps - waiting for the experience the next days... Thank you for this ROM Greetings P.
  6. High, S2E makes big troubles for users like me, so I tried the INT2EXT4-Script. With this script, the phone-memory is as big as your sd-ext; and not only 160MB... Sorry I am not capable to get work s2e with my roundabout 130 Apps without problems - but with int2ext all was in order... Sorry for writing over s2e in this topic, am angry to be banned for this... Greetings P.
  7. Hi Daemond, i tried KONSTATs 4.2.2 Release - there the Bluetooth is switchable without any problems on my Blade. Perhaps you can change the BT related data vom 4.2.2 to your 4.1.2... greetings P.
  8. Hello Daemond, my problem is, that i can only switch on BT once. When stopping BT later im am not able to start it again. The BT-ON-Switch won´t get blue... Also the grey switch (when off) is too dark. It seems, that BT was totally unlocable... Today also my bt-fix won´t help me for this problem. These BT on/off probs i had with my Blade also on several CM7 Versions. There the fix helps... Perhaps an other app disturbs.... so i let BT on whole time :-)( By the way: the DSP-settings don´t show any effect on my Blade. No difference with Equalizer or bass-boost. I tried the equalizer-app from market; this works... Thanks for asking P.
  9. High daemond: GROSSARTIG !!! A real great work. After applying the btfix for my blade, no problems with bt-streaming - as in version before... Also can switch on/off BT how I want now:-)... Also no problems with s2e (don´t kill me my friends for this statement)... The fm receiver is great !!! RDS + Text - PERFECT !!!! The only problem I found on my configuration was, that AFWall doesn´t work anymore - but that is no real problem... Und nochmal: GROSSARTIGE LEISTUNG excuse my german words, but I think, Daemond was it worth !!! Greetings P.
  10. you are all right, i don´t ask anymore end
  11. Please do not be outrageous!! Please do not be outrageous!! Please do not be outrageous!! Please do not be outrageous!! Please do not be outrageous!! Please do not be outrageous!! Please do not be outrageous!!
  12. Howdie, Krunal11489 is not wrong, he has - like me too - problems with s2e. He is fully allowed to say "we know that s2e..."... Perhaps you - 陰莖:) - can give us your configuration details for s2e. Size of sd-ext, ext4/e and so... Or how you use s2e - backup with TB, how many apps etc... Thank you for your advices, but don´t blame people which had problems... Greetings P.
  13. ds-driver


    Yes, link2sd will function. But can i restore for example backups from TitaniumBackup automatically into the link2sd memory on ext-sd ? I don´t think so - nor ?
  14. ds-driver


    HIgh, how are your experiences with the s2e-Version of this post. Because i have wiped and installed CM10.1 because of problems with some other "CM10.1-s2e-Versions" aboiut ten times... Some people said, there was a 1GB limit, other have no problems with 1.8 GB SD-Ext.. i am really confused at the moment, but have no desire to re-install it in order to cm10.1 wiping again greeting P.
  15. High, I also used this zip and installed it under CWM - but it also was instable... At first all works fine, but suddenly no writing of data is possible... Perhaps my sd-partition is to big with 1,5GB ? Has anyone really no problems with this s2e ? I also tried the mount2sd solution - which is officially for CM10.1. But this tool doesn´t move the files to sd-ext... So the only way for me, was back to CM10. But because of general dissatification with BT-switchings i tried an old CM7.2-build... All the people which said, that CM10 or CM10.1 is fast and smooth should again install the old ugly CM7 - then you feel what speed on blade could be... This is no critic on CM10.1, i also love the nice GUI, but it uses ressources which our Blade doesn´t have... I do not know what to do... CM7 or CM10. Since I anyway use the ADW-launcher ex, the differrences or only viewable in the settings menus... Nevertheless, if an memory solution like s2e works i will try it against, because it´s more nice, but it is not faster or smoother... Greetings P.

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